22 July 2013


So, camping was amazing. Those natural water slides were incredible.  We ate a delicious home-cookin' dinner.  The trip could not get any better.  Ok, so I wasn't feeling super well (dehydration+pms = nausea and headache), but that's just a minor detail.

At 6:00, just as we were hitting the halfway mark back home (80 miles outside of D.C.), my.car.started.smoking.  Adam pulled the car over, and surmised that the radiator fluid was leaking (I thought my car was bleeding, but apparently that's not like a thing).  All the car rental places were closed, and I was not going to have the car towed all the way back to D.C.  Our phone batteries were all well under 10%.  After many phone calls, Brad was the one who was able to come get us.  As in he got dropped off, then hopped in his car to drive the hour and a half back to come get us from the side of Route 29 in Culpeper, VA. What a stud.

Shenandoah camping

The next 3 hours were quality.  We partied on the side of the highway.  We hung the hammock up under the road sign and relaxed.  We sat on the tarp on the hill and enjoyed a lightening storm on our right (D.C. side) and a fireworks show on our left (VA side).  Amazing.  And in the end, we were safe and we were saved.  Thank you, Brad!

Shenandoah camping
Shenandoah camping

And maybe we were all like super in the spotlight at church on Sunday, which is obviously my favourite thing.


Beth said...

I hadn't seen that Buzzfeed but I LOL'ed because the two massive flags hanging in our apt? Jonathan's doing. Also, that hammock placement is genius!

preethi said...

The hammock! Is amazing. Also, our radiator broke last week, too. Dang 110 degree temps. Glad you got home safely!

Kel said...

oh. gosh. and good luck getting your car back soon......