17 July 2013

Good Things

I was sure this week was going to be miserable.  I don't really know why, but come Monday morning, I was utterly convinced that this week was already no bueno.  But guys! I was wrong! (And the only time you'll ever hear me say this, so cherish it) I'm glad I was wrong!

Here, lemme show you:

My roommate made us muffins this morning!! I thought that delicious baking cinnamon smell was part of my dream this morning, and was oh so glad that for once my early morning mind wasn't playing tricks on me.
Summer stuff

While we're on the subject of food, yesterday, there was freeeee sorbet (and ice cream) at work!! Which is extra perfect because guys, have you even been outside in this heat? #TheWorst
Summer stuff

I finally caved and bought a fan for my room and life is so good.  Also, does anyone else see the word "cave" and now think of those WoCave commercials? I'm not too crazy about 'em.
Summer stuff

Challenge: Accepted
Strong people only. #vscocam (ok, but what is this really?)

Tonight I got to talk with Megan, who just got back from her mission in Ukraine!! My baby girl is so grown up!!! I love her soooo much!!
megan armknecht and me
Natalie Godderridge, Christina Tracey, me, Megan Armknecht, Grace Stephenson, and Geoff Pierce admiring some fine legs
/pictures from this lovely day/

Thursday, Friday, you had better be just like this.  But how could you not? I've got plans for hummus and camping!

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Megan said...

Camille! I love you too. We should talk again soon. [also, let's just talk about how i don't even LOOK like that anymore. did the mission add six years to my face? um, yes.]