26 July 2013

Good Things

Being without a car this week has been alright, but definitely has not been my favorite thing ever.

I just don't know automobiles, and my lack of knowledge is really cramping my style here/I'm probably definitely getting ripped off. 

And this independent-spirited girl sans car is getting antsy.

SO, to keep me from dwelling on all of that, here are some good things:

Whenever Captain Cookie is in the West End.  Just the ultimate best.
Good things

This talk on kindness.  "Kindness is the essence of greatness." How beautiful is that?  Side note, when I first typed this I wrote "This talk on happiness." Love that.

Taking pictures of myself wearing lotsa sparkly necklaces and headbands and making weird faces and sending them to Eve.

Living in D.C. It never gets old.
Good things

Pretty red petals on a gray sidewalk lined by some brick.
Good things

Also, Cambridge party this weekend because Erin (and Dave) is (are) going to be in town!!! Can't wait!!

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