24 July 2013


We're going to ignore how jealous I am that Saj shares a birthday with the new Royal He-ness (saw that on the metro newspaper, how I wish I had made it up), and instead talk about how wonderful she is!

Saj and I have been mates since Cambridge, and she's been teaching me about being yourself and not caring what others think and being smart and hysterical ever since.  Meanwhile, I've been trying to teach her that going for a 2-hour run in 90 degree heat is, like, just not ok. 

Girl of my dreams #worlddominion @sjarman2
SAJ bday
SAJ bday
SAJ bday

And if you know Saj, then you know that that sailboat shirt she's wearing is *!$@#^* perfect. 
I don't know if she actually sails, but she does do some things like a sailor.