24 July 2013

Royal Baby!!

I knew it would be a boy and I'm betting that one of his four names will be Spencer.  Just you watch.  When I'm right, I win a prize from all of you. (Update: I wrote this last night before he had been named, thinking I'd have up to a month--side eye Queen Elizabeth.  Oh well!)

Stephanie and I celebrated by eating at a French cafe (Paul)! Nothing can quite compare to those Anglo-Franco relations.  At the very least we did have English candy!


Welcome to the world, future nephew/stepson/son-in-law!


preethi said...

Love Paul! Also, I tried to reply to your meganice comment about my kiddos but I don't think your email is connected to your account and I somehow don't have it myself. Tear! So I'm awkwardly responding here instead. Better awkward then never, that's how the saying goes, right?

Jen said...

lol--I'm still holding out for you to marry into the royal family!