19 August 2013

B&B: These Is My Words

The inaugural meeting of the Books and Brunch Club was this past Saturday!  There was discussion of the literary techniques, delving into character analysis (and a little self analysis), and maybe I used the phrase, "Well, I was just talking to my hairdresser about this idea..." 
The food was out of this world.  Hot Sauce Infused Bacon. Yup. What a way to kickstart the day.

Books and Brunch
^blatantly stole this from Sarah.
Books n Brunch
Books n Brunch
Books n Brunch
Books n Brunch

At the end, it came time to pick the next book.  Several great titles were suggested, so we did what any sane group of people would do: write them all down on slips of paper, fold them up, and have our waiter pick for us!

Books n Brunch

The brunch: Founding Farmers


April said...

Oh, I totally need to join the next one. I love book clubs and all you fab ladies!

Jannifer said...

Hey Camille, did you like the book? I'm always looking for new books to read, especially for my book club. Anyway, just curious.

Camille said...

Hi Jannifer! I did. It's an engaging read, and I think it'd appeal to various depths of readership. There's romance, bad guys, hardships, humor, etc. There's even book club questions at the end!

Kati said...

This was really lovely. That food, oh man. Have wanted to hit up the Founding Farmers brunch for a very long time. So fun to spend time with y'all! Much needed that day. Love the Sarah picture collage, I think that was appropriate thievery. :)

preethi said...

Love the book, love the restaurant. Jealous!