29 August 2013

I Still Have Some Friends Left In Provo

They are some of my favourite friends, and I got to see them the day after Sam and Kristie's wedding!

Let's do this in chronological order (my fave):

Miss Megan, very recently returned from a mission to the Ukraine!

Miss Emilee, a fellow ENFJ who is always making me laugh!

Mr. Derek and Mrs. Jen, some of the loveliest, smartest, kindest, most confident people that I know!
PKP JDawgs

Mr. Henry Jackson, my first (Cambridge) nephew! I was eating a delicious JDawg in these photos :) That mohawk!!

Mr. Geoff, whose brother's wedding reception I crashed.  You're allowed to do that when you've been friends for 4 years.

And finally, the night ended with Mr. Brock, a former DC intern who is one of the best guys I've ever known.

I was a little nervous to go back to Provo, but these friends all made it worth the trip.


Jennifer said...

I forgot that you are an ENFJ...my perfect match (INFP here). <3

Alex Holloway said...

Camille! I am so sad I didn't get to see you. We were gone all day on Saturday. :( But good news is, we are going to be in DC area for Christmastime! Whoopie! Let's get together yeah yeah yeah!