09 August 2013

Justin Timberlake and Jay Z

The JT/JZ concert was last night!!!! I've been waiting for moooonnnthhhss to see my main man on stage!

The concert was all the way up in Baltimore, and traffic was insaaaane.  It took three hours to get there.

While I didn't get any "internet response" from Justin, he did start the concert under 10 minutes after I tweeted this.  That's all the sign I need.

I tweeted lots of pictures that looked exactly the same to really rub it in that my night was the best.
^always makes me think of my ballroom dance class at BYU. My teacher broke the rules and played us good music.
I'm way less familiar with Jay Z's stuff, so I was really excited when I could sing along to a handful of his songs.  They also all made me think of Parker.
^It LITERALLY started raining IN REAL LIFE as this song was starting and then Justin said that that was so perfect, and I couldn't agree more.  Dancing to JT and Jay Z in the rain on a summer's night with friends? THE BEST!
^At concerts, I always hope that on songs with a guest artist, the other musician will show up as a surprise and sing live.  Sadly, no Alicia Keys tonight, just a recording.
And then JT performed Mirrors and I was dying and it was amazing and I was so happy.
^This song also makes me thinks of my brother Parker as well as Annabelle.  On all those drives to/from SLC to hang out with her, this song would always be on the radio.

Even though the music was amazing, this may have been one of the best parts:


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