02 October 2013

Happy Birthday, Parker!

I hesitated a little before I decided to write this, because I don't know if I've posted about other family members' birthdays this year, and I'm not trying to play favorites or anything (unless you're reading this Parker, because you are totally my favorite).  But I figured this was more fun to read about than how one of the little boys I babysat last night threw up.  Twice.   But then he sweetly told me, "I love you so much" as he fell asleep, sooo it's kind of really okay.

pmoff and renoir

Happy Birthday, Parker! I love you so much!

/picture from that year Parker shaved his head as his Christmas present to Dad/
Also, I gotta get me to the Met!!!!!

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Beth said...

LET'S GO TO THE MET! And I'm sorry about the kiddie puke.