19 November 2013

Dinner With The Hulk

This one time (last night, this one time was last night) we had a little Cambridge dinner at a place that didn't know how to properly run credit cards but that had waiters who looked like Justin Vernon, and Saj broke a glass with her hands.

That's it.  I just had to write that down.  For posterity.
Now here's a picture from my commute this morning.


Natalie said...

Oh so jealous! We miss you all terribly. By the way did you really see the Book Thief? How was it?!

Camille said...

We missed you :) Dave Zelman was there! And I did see The Book Thief! I can't say enough good about it. Even if you haven't read the book (but please, read the book at some point), the movie is phenomenal.

Beth said...

This was a delightful evening! Thank you for using some stranger's towel to come hang with us!