13 December 2013

Friday, Friday

Although, I guess Saturday is now all the rage.

omg me again
omg me again

Also, will someone else please come over and model for me?  I have all sorts of ideas, but about 3 square feet of wall space that isn't covered in art to work with when I have to set my camera somewhere and put it on a timer (ya follow?).  On that note, Photoshoppppp.  Ugh, iPhoto editing, ya ain't cutting it.

This week, I've been taking some over-the-counter medicine and man it has made me sooo loopy.  You should see some of the text messages I sent Eve.  Before I took these photos last night, I told Jessica, "I just have so many art project ideas."  She then replied, "Yeah, honey, that's the medicine talking."

1 comment:

Karly Megan said...

I Love your pictures!
If you really need someone, I might have some time on Sunday or Monday.