09 December 2013


See also: The Best Day of My Life, Fangirling


I don't even know how to write this down coherently.

I went to NYC on Saturday with Kayla to see Romeo & Juliet.
We had amazing seats-- third row back, to the left, and I was on the aisle seat.

Orlando Bloom entered the stage on a motorcycle, and I almost fainted.
Early on, you know, when Rosaline was still a thing, Orlando crouched down and recited something romantic and was looking right at me.  My mouth was agape, but still, Orlando Bloom has seen me!!!  And I almost fainted.
Turns out that Romeo made many scene exits by running off stage and through the aisle.  My aisle.  Orlando Bloom was less than 12 inches from me, and I had to stop myself from reaching out and touching him.  And I almost fainted.
At the curtain call, I was incredibly light headed while standing and ovating, but then Orlando came out again and kissed Juliet's hand and I was about done for.


Kayla and I waited out back to see if we could catch Orlando when he came out.  He eventually came outside for about 3 minutes, during which time I got his autograph.  Kayla and I left, and within a few steps, I was so giddy I was on the verge of being on the verge of tears.


I told my roommate Jessica all about it when I got home yesterday, and I was lightheaded all over again.  In fact, I kind of am now.

This is how close I was to the stage (pre-autograph):

Seriously, just the best.  JUST THE ULTIMATE BEST!
Also, Juliet and Mercutio were insanely talented.


Jen said...

BAHHH!!!!!!!!!!! His autograph?!

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