28 February 2013

Dream Report, Or The Queen Made Me Do It

If we're being 100% honest, I don't excercise a ton.  Unless, that is, you count "parking on the far side of the grocery store lot" and "taking the stairs whenever possible", which I do .  But I probably shouldn't count either of those things because A) I avoid the grocery store at all costs because I just hate driving on Georgia Ave, okay?? and B) I do take the elevator at work, but only because I get lost in the staircase every.single.time and I'm not sure how it happens, it just does and it's embarassing, okay?

Anyway, my dear roommate suggested getting up early to go running before work one day this week.  I knew that this was going to be very difficult for me (I'm a morning person, but only if I have something to get up for, and getting out from under my electric blanket to go run in the wet and cold is never a good enough reason for me).  To prepare, I laid out my running clothes and shoes the night before; I even wore some running socks and pants to bed so I would already be mostly dressed when I woke up!

As per usual, I was having some wild dreams. Just playing poker and gambling with the Queen of England, no big.  It was pretty intense, and I must say that the Queen totally owned that green visor.  When my alarm went off (you know, so I could go be fit), the Queen looked at me and said, "Oh, no, you don't have time to go running! The commute from Buckingham Palace to Georgetown is long enough as it is that you can't go rrruning [she trilled that word]!! Go back to bed for another hour, my dear!"

So that's exactly what I did.  You just don't mess with your future grandmother-in-law the Queen.

And yes, I totally beat her at poker.

27 February 2013


Sisterly bonding brought to you by FaceTime

Oh, and Paigey, you were wrong...you can take screen shots while FaceTiming! Bwahahaha!


Hair Mustaches never go out of style, amIright?

26 February 2013


Start your morning off right....
With some photos that only my roommates and I would find funny and interesting are super classy.

Photobooth 3
Photobooth 2
Photobooth 4
Photobooth 6
Photobooth 5

25 February 2013

Amsterdam Twinziez!


Alex, moi, et Grace. Summer 2010.


My mama (by the A, because daaam girl you is fine), February 2013.

The Evolution Of Mom Dancing//FLOTUS Win

I love this so much, sharing it to Twitter and posting it as my Gchat status wasn't enough!


24 February 2013

Media, In Black&White

I had a quick trip home to Media this weekend.  

I went to dinner with my 'rents (newly empty nesters):
Media B&W
Media B&W

And made what was probably the best cake of my dad's life for his birthday:
Media B&W
Media B&W
Media B&W
Media B&W

The end! Delicious and delightful!

22 February 2013

Some Friday Happiness

I've been in an amazing mood lately! No real reason, which is kind of the best reason, don't you think? Being happy to the core, just for the sake of being happy!


We had an amazing activity this week with the girls from church all about women's health.  I left feeling just so pumped and so energized- who knew that talking about periods would be such a mood booster?  Sunni, the presenter, started off issuing a challenge to us all: to compliment ourselves and one other person every day through the end of March. I adore this! It can be easy to compliment other people, but to conciously and verbily declare what you like about yourself isn't as intuitive to me (yet!)

Today, I like that I like to have flowers in the home!
(Trader Joe's has a great deal on tulips right now, by the way)

Source: rstyle.me via Camille on Pinterest

Today, I like everything about YOU!

20 February 2013


Summer sunsets, braided crowns, peaceful moments

WWII pola


19 February 2013

And On Sundays, We Wear Yellow

Side eye, Jennifer...


PS this was not even planned! Hotties just know to wear 'lellow!!

xx for my friends in yellow!

18 February 2013

Sunday Afternoon At The National Gallery

You know how sometimes you get a little moody, and even if you have a very good reason for being so, you don't really like being moody? And then you think to yourself, "Self, when was the last time you went to the National Gallery?" And then the answer is "Too long ago."  So you decide to go to the National Gallery with Nif and Boy Alex and then your mood is instantly improved by like 10 zillion degrees? Yeah, those are good times.

Moral of the story is: I already knew that I tend to get needlessly emotional and off-centered when I haven't been to a museum in too long, but sometimes I forget.  The fastest way to fix this is just to stick me in front of some art on some walls in a pretty building (Friends, take note.  This is in addition to packing snacks for me for if we're hanging out for more than 3 hours because I'm always convinced that "No, this will be the time that I don't need to eat more frequently than an infant." and you are always smart enough to know that I get hangry and have packed a granola bar or snack bag for just this occasion)

So yeah, photos! National Gallery! Love it!

Valentine's colour scheme flowers and art #HappyGirl
Michelangelo is my homeboy.

15 February 2013

Someone, Please, Let's Go On A Trip

I was clicking through some old photos online this morning, and based off the ones I was looking at, I'm craving the sea/ocean/lake/river/pool right now.

My parents called me from Holland earlier this week (they're in Turkey right now, and Paris next week).  Maybe my Dad will get a photo like this? Or they can try to recreate this magical shot. The only one that there's a real chance that they might also get a photo with is this one, but without Grace's skillz. (This is one of my faves)

BASICALLY I AM ITCHING TO TRAVEL!!! I haven't left the DC area since New Year's!!!! NEW YEAR'S!!!! Like, not even Media.  Someone please take me somewhere abroad. It'd be sooo cool of you!

In other news, yesterday, I wore glittery shoes and smiled when I saw a giant line of men buying flowers for their lovers :D

Got glitter on my toes! One more reason to LOVE today!
All of these guys (and loads more who didn't fit in the frame) are in line to buy flowers for their lovers


14 February 2013

What Is Love?

This short video is nothing short of beautiful.  What an inspiration. What a reminder of the kind of love that I am waiting for.


Also, one more Valentine for you.


I might be the only person in my family sans date this holiday, but I still love love < 3


Photo courtesy of the ever talented Michele, captured at the lovely Johnson wedding in November.

Valentine's Day!

I love today!


13 February 2013

Happy Galentine's Day!

For all my ladies! And for all my fellas, too, because Parks & Rec is for everyone!

12 February 2013


It's only Tuesday, and already this week has brought two deaths.

One, that of my dog Chester, I'd been expecting for a week or so. I was able to prepare a bit, but the moment it arrived still stung.  It still stings.  How do you just say goodbye after 11 years?  I know it may seem silly to some, to love a dog so, but he was and is family.

Another was completely unexpected. A teacher at my high school passed away in his sleep last night.  Yesterday, he was teaching advanced placement physics, helping with the morning drop-off chaos, beaming positive energy as he perambulated down the hallway, greeting students.  Today, he is gone.  My heart aches for my hometown, for my school, for his fellow teacher who was really more of a brother than a coworker.

It's hard to describe what I'm feeling.  I believe in a life after this one, in a heaven where we can be reunited with family and loved ones, so I know that this isn't goodbye forever.  
But it still hurts.  
I still ache to snuggle with my dog just one more time, to feel that unconditional love.  
I'm mad that the threat of Nemo kept me in D.C. Friday night, instead of letting me go home for just a few brief hours so that I could say goodbye. 
I want to wrap my whole hometown in my arms, to let the students know that in time it will be better, and to not forget the lessons he taught them.  Not just the lessons about science, but the lessons about life.  
The knot I feel in my stomach on behalf of my teacher's colleague, a man who taught my whole family, will take time to work itself loose again.

I also feel strangely calm.  I wish I could say that it's the kind of calm that comes with peaceful wisdom, but I don't think that this is the case.  Partly, it is shock.  Partly, it's the callouses that life has built up.  
These callouses worry me.  I have always striven to not become jaded, to remain a beacon of hope and of light in spite of the many (the oh so many) challenges that life has presented.  It is in moments like these that we define our relationships with others, with our God, and with ourselves.  And even though I feel hurt and lonely and angry and sad, I will not let that define me.
 I will turn the hurt into hope, the loneliness into love; I will turn the anger into acceptance, the sadness into solace. 

I am grateful that if this had to happen, that at least it happened during this season of love.

*Please forgive me if I am out of sorts for the next few days.  I'll be fine, but will need some time.  I debated whether I should post this now or later this week, but figured that those around me deserved to know why I seem off.*

11 February 2013

Weekend Update

There were a lot of fabulous things about my weekend.  I'm especially grateful for that this morning, because Sunday morning brought some very sad news for my family (hiiii, everyone who saw me crying at church!).  I'll write about that later, but for now, let's focus on all the marvelous aspects of my weekend:

The second best way to spend a Friday night:

Second best way to spend a Friday night

It's been raining a lot lately, apparently even on the Metro:

Just your normal rainy day on the Metro...

I got my piano tuned by Ryan on Saturday!!! And guess what! There was totally a gold dollar coin (and a nickle!) hiding inside! Boom!:


Korean Karaoke on Saturday night for Caitlin's (CM!!) birthday was a blast!:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, CAITLIN!!! You are a firework!
(thanks to Stephanie for that last photo)

Sunday, folks, wow! The boys gave us all flowers, handwritten Valentines, chocolates, and the gift of song!! Wowza!!! They're so nice to us!! 
[I reaaaallly wanna soapbox here, but I won't. At least not now.]

Today the boys gave us flowers, chocolates, and the gift of song. The Church is true!

Sunday afternoon (after church and before dinner), I got to see my dear friend Chris!! We explored Georgetown, the National Cathedral, and visited his cousin.  Chris was like another brother to me growing up, I absolutely loved seeing him!

National Cathedral

So much to be grateful for!