31 March 2013

Happy Easter!!

The Easter Bunny came!!

Easter bunny
Easter weekend

I'm grateful that my parents came down to see me, and that we had a delicious Easter dinner. :)

I'm eternally grateful that my Savior died for my sins, and that He rose on the third day so that I can return to His presence.


29 March 2013

Mormon Girl Problems

Having planning meetings via Skype after 9 pm because it's the earliest either of you were available (so your meeting involves lots of yawning and trying to tap into creative energies while exhausted):
Mormon Girl Probs

Texting about scripture crushes is totally normal:
Mormon Girl Probs

Happy Friday and Easter Weekend!!! I have lots of adventures planned, hope you do, too!

28 March 2013

I Found Heaven, And It's In D.C.

Three words:


Cookie truck

My life just got that much better!!  Thank you, Captain Cookie!!! (Come to the West End more often, ya?)

27 March 2013

Babes Be Looking All Fly

Need a pick-me-up? Look at these hysterical photos taken on this trip!
(There's only 4, don't worry)


Anyone else as exhausted as I am? #HumpDayWoes
Also, I wear jeans so infrequently that I almost don't recognize myself in these photos.

25 March 2013

Recipe For A Wonderful Weekend

Hang out with these girls (Alex was there, too):

[Both photos via Stephanie]

Eat and laugh and talk and share with some of your faves:

[Photo via Natalie]


Eat beheaded peeps at church:

Just a normal Sunday snack of beheaded Peeps.

FaceTime with your sister and with Annabelle (under the comfort of your heated blanket).  Note: Annabelle will turn the camera to her ceiling and won't allow you to get a photo of her.


Also, make crepes, go to a housewarming party, babysit, and spend time with your roommates.

23 March 2013

This Is The Story Of Why The Evanses Will Never Have Kids

AKA just your normal night with the DC PKP2010 Crew + The Hammons of Boston (also of PKP2010)

It started off with Sarah telling med school stories (which included watching a birth and the declaration that she "nearly passed out"):

PKP homies!

Beth responded in the only way possible:

PKP homies!
PKP homies!
PKP homies!
PKP homies!

Jonathan, used to Beth's "antics" and "overly dramatic reactions" rolled his eyes and asserted that there would be darling blazered-and-bearded babies at some point.

PKP homies!

Natalie laughed and looked gorgeous at the same time:

PKP homies!

Ryan was so scared by it all that he took cover behind Sarah:
[What, did he not realise that by marrying Sarah he was also marrying the rest of us?]

PKP homies!

And there were goooooey pizzookies and seltzer water (sadly, not on tap) and all was right in the world:

PKP homies!

We're the best, I just love us!

21 March 2013


And I just realised that I did not eat a single ounce of chocolate yesterday* {!!!!!!} I never thought that such a day would come. Am I sick?? I must be sick. I feel healthy and everything, but really, there is no other explanation.  Family, I LOVE YOU!!! And other sweeping declarations. Since, you know, I'm obviously about to bite the bullet (hopefully it's made of chocolate).

*Without exception or cheating, even!

On The Plus Side, I've Never Been So Hydrated

Does anybody else have to give themselves a rule that they aren't allowed to put lipstick on for the day until they've had at least a liter of water to drink? Or is that just me?

Just me? Cool.
#ThisMakesMeSoundSoHighMaintenance #ImNot #Tacos

20 March 2013


Natalie (and Jason, of course) is here in D.C. this week and I get to see her (them) and I'm just so so exciiiited!!!

Natalie Karaoke
Natalie Karaoke

Karaoke, (12, 13, or 15, I can't remember which) February 2011

18 March 2013

Stephanie's Birthday Tea Party

I love Stephanie! Now that she's working for the British Embassy, she's a fellow anglophile.  She hosted the loveliest of {herbal} tea parties yesterday in honour of her birthday (today!)
Happy Birthday, Stephanie!!

Stephanie's birthday
Stephanie's birthday
Stephanie's birthday
Stephanie's birthday
Stephanie's birthday
Stephanie's birthday
Stephanie's birthday
Stephanie's birthday
This version is better
Stephanie's birthday

There were tons of people, and everyone looked smashing :)

{reminded me of [this] party a few years [!!!] ago}

17 March 2013

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

I don't know what Kermit was talking about, it is easy being green!

St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's
St. Patrick's

These were the only ones I got on my phone before the real camera came.

15 March 2013

How To Spend A Day In Lancaster

1. Have your friend Yandary empathize with your innate need to travel, and coordinate a trip to Amish Country.  (I did make it to Media in the interim, so mini-trip yay!)
1a. Trip should also be inspired in part by Danny and Mara

2. Visit the oldest market in America! Be sure to buy chocolates ("One dark-chocolate covered caramel with sea salt, please! Yes, just one. I know how much food this day is going to involve."), home made jam, produce, and more! Walk around in a continuous state of shock at the a-maze-ing prices, and keep muttering, "We are sooo not in D.C. anymore."  Calculate if the cost of gas/time is worth the cheaper/fresher food if you were to come shop weekly.


3. EAT THE BEST PRETZELS IN THE ENTIRE WORLD!!!  April "accidentially" refered to her pretzel and herself as a "We", so that should be an indicator of the level of commitment one develops with these pretzels.

Lancaster Pretzels with April

4. Because you can't go to Lancaster (or grow up in PA) and eat just one pretzel, go get yourself a factory tour!!

Intercourse Pretzels Andrea Yandary and Brynn from April
They've heard all the jokes. #amishgram

5. Oh, what's that? The pretzel factory should be attached to a super cool thrift shop?? A BODACIOUS thrift shop?? Check PLUS!

Dolly Bodacious from AprilLancaster

6. Walk down the street like ya own tha place, suckas!

Lancaster Street from April
April and Brynn a walking down the street

7. Go to a kitchy (yet fun) "market" (mall) and eat all of the free samples of salsa and jam!!

8. After you've rolled yourself out of step 7, drive to one of the covered bridges that the area is known for.  Admire the idyllic landscape, the gorgeous homes, the fact that people are kayaking on the river (and that they totally love your sweet dance moves), and soak up the Magic Hour.  And form a few girl bands.

Covered Bridge
April laughing

9. Arrive early to your dinner with an Amish family***, and use that time to take pictures in the field.  This is where most of your outtakes will come from, and will make a great follow-up post.  Seriously, they will be so funny that even people who didn't go on the trip will care about them when you post them (soon!). Be forewarned that you may almost get run over by a car and/or sawed in half by the sun roof.

Lititz 2

10. Eat a delicious home cooked meal in the best of company. Commence the drive home heavier and happier :)

Covered Bridge Crew

***Going to Amish Country and would like to eat with an Amish family? Contact me and I'll get you in touch! cmoff519{at}yahoo{dot}com

/All pictures taken by April except for iPhone photos, which are mine/