29 November 2013


It should be illegal how wonderful this holiday has been so far.  And if you know how terrifyingly it began, then you'd know that that's saying something.

Thanksgiving 2013

27 November 2013


My phone autocorrected "longer" to "liger" this morning, so yeah, I'm feeling preeeettttyyy good right now.

26 November 2013


Yesterday, I wanted a burger to no end.  Specifically, Good StuffShake Shack is closer, so I went there instead, but man.  I was so happy.

Yesterday, I went for a run and did some yoga.

Yesterday, I ate an amazing cupcake-- it was stuffed with a peanut butter topped Oreo.  Really.

Yesterday, I realized that some distractions aren't worth keeping around just for the challenge.  Some distractions need to be removed.

Yesterday, I stayed up watching The Office bloopers.

And today I have something close to a cold that I've been doing a good job of keeping at bay, so now I'm all mad and stuff.

25 November 2013

The Things That Make Me Go

This weekend was really productive, which is code for "this weekend was really boring."


23 November 2013

Catching Fire

The way that Katniss feels about Prim, I get that.

Catching Fire
Catching Fire

Lots of other things, I hope to be.

21 November 2013

Half Birthday

My half birthday was on Tuesday, so I forced my friends to eat half a cake and dance with me.
It was fun!


20 November 2013

I'm all about black and white photography lately
Chic. Sleek.  Sophisticated.  Subdued.  Aware.  Respected.
Also, my life, wtf?

19 November 2013

Dinner With The Hulk

This one time (last night, this one time was last night) we had a little Cambridge dinner at a place that didn't know how to properly run credit cards but that had waiters who looked like Justin Vernon, and Saj broke a glass with her hands.

That's it.  I just had to write that down.  For posterity.
Now here's a picture from my commute this morning.

18 November 2013

Weekend Update

This weekend was so good, that the only picture I got was a blurry photo of the most sartorially perfect man I have ever seen in real life.


See?  And no, I don't mean the one on the left.  I mean the bearded beauty on the right.

Other than that, I watched a lot of movies (even one in theaters!!), ate the most divine brunch with my book club (helllooo crab-stuffed waffle and bucket-o-bacon), walked all over the District, had an incredibly productive and fun three hour meeting (long and fun, who knew?), and didn't get enough sleep.

15 November 2013

Final Gems From Shenandoah

Oh hey look I'm artsy because these are in black and white.

Basically The Civil Wars album cover.


Makes me think of the sculpture garden.

14 November 2013

Skyline Drive

Even with a  headache, the drive was gorgeous.  Apparently, I like to take pictures of Kelli's back side.


And Dinosaur.

Oh and love.

Luray Caverns & Antiques

GUYS, GO TO LURAY CAVERNS!!!  Seriously amazing.  I felt like Christine.


After we resurfaced, we antiqued a little...

...and it was really funny.
We thought about catching a movie...
But ultimately decided to focus on the fashion!!!!!

Luray, land of dreams.

13 November 2013

Timber: Absolutely Perfect Escape 1

Or, as Annabelle calls it, "That Gossip Girl weekend you went on."

I'm looking at photos from this weekend in Shenandoah, and I'm still in awe that I was actually there.  That beautiful view? It was real, and it was right there.  Literally all I did this weekend was relax.  Hot tub, caverns, moccasins, food, Skyline drive, hanging around the cabin.  The life.


Sarah, Aubrey, and I had a bit of fright on the way up.  A fright which was made all the creepier by walking into the cabin, lights ablaze, music playing, chili boiling on the stove, and not a soul in sight.  Turns out they were all in the hot tub out back.
April Flory

This weekend was the best I've eaten in a long time.  We all took turns cooking/cleaning…I really loved cooking for 20 people so looks like I'm going to be blessed with a boatload of children.
April Flory
Dr. Chris is drinking a coke before 8am, but you know, yoga?  So, healthy?

There were heli rides:

One of the best parts of the weekend was all the snuggling.  Especially that time Christiane braided my hair and Chris massaged my hand (my favorite thing in the world)…simultaneously.
April Flory
April Flory

Church was the best because the branch was tiiiiinnyy and they were in love with us (we got invited back for Thanksgiving!).  Also, let it be known that I got out of bed at 8:40 to leave at 8:45. BOOM.
April Flory

The weekend was a blast, I wish I could have stayed on Monday, too!  Watching Kelli blow out individual birthday candles that we each held was definitely a highlight.  
April Flory
April Flory

We Luray Caverned and we Skyline Drived.  Those posts are coming.  Patience.

Some of these photos are from April, they're noted as such if you click on them.

11 November 2013

Shenandoah Glamping

I spent this past weekend with 20 of my bffs at a cabin in Shenandoah.
Obviously it was amazing.

There are a lot of digital pictures for me to work my way through (still learning the ropes on my new camera), so here are some polaroids that I took.  Obviously they don't look as good after they've been scanned (because I then have to convert them from a giant PDF to a cropped JPEG and they also get strangely splotchy), but they make me happy. I also am excited to see how my disposable camera pictures turn out!

Our view
The caverns
Tites 2

08 November 2013

I See Fire

Ed Sheeran, what I wouldn't give to see him perform live.  I have such a crush.

This'll definitely be my song for the hard times coming.

Le Squelette

This guy:


Listens to this song:

And that's it.  Those are the only bone references I've got ready.

I am both excited for and anxious about this weekend.

Also, did you know that "squelette" is the only masculine word that ends in "ette" in French? True Story, True Story