31 December 2013

Holloway Holiday

Jared and Alex were in town over the holidays visiting Alex's family!!!! 
I visited/ate/danced/talked/laughed/dreamed/movied with them for a night, and it was nothing short of perfection.

These pictures are blurry, and I love them all the more for it.

^ this one make me laugh because of Jared in the background, just walking in, so confused.

30 December 2013

Art Fangirling

Let's just say that this Gaul wasn't the only thing dying at the National Gallery.

Also, the photography exhibit and ByzArt exhibit were marvelous. (PS I have since changed my mind, ByzArt isn't boring, especially when you can tell other people in the exhibit that they are wrong.)


I really need to go grocery shopping today.  This pretzel looks far too delicious for being so obviously fake.. 

26 December 2013

Christmas Break 2013

I never get a lot of photos when I go home, which is a shame, because my family is weird and there should be as much proof of that as possible. 


I talked the missionaries into giving me candy canes and SnapChatted my way through church.


Samuel tripped and fell to the floor by the fridge, but what caused him the most distress wasn't his ankle, but the pie that fell face down on the floor.  You should have heard the cries.  He ate it anyway.

We played games.

Paigey inadvertently dressed as Mary while she was telling us about Swedish Christmas.

And without a doubt, we were sexy.


24 December 2013

Merry Christmas Eve

Santa's already come, it's a beautiful thing.  

19 December 2013

Ask Me How Car Shopping Is Going

I feel like:

I could use a little:

Georgetown Lights

GTown at Christmas time is just perfect. Lights, a skating rink, art, I mean.

Fête des lumières

18 December 2013

Christmas Tree

We have a Christmas tree!  Jessica and Eve picked it out, Eve put the lights on, Ceri put the baubles on, and I'm responsible for the whale and the walrus!  In the few days since we've had it up, it hasn't been uncommon for one of us to come home and find another roommate just admiring the tree.

Christmas tree
Christmas tree

Christmas tree

17 December 2013

Fete Des Lumieres

Steph and I went to the Fete des Lumières on Friday.  It's a one week exhibit in GTown (on Thomas Jefferson Avenue) of glowing sculptures made out of saran wrap and it's awesome.  There's this animated tree projected on an orb at Grace Church, and you can text your wishes and they appear on the tree.  
Art, France, friends, sculptures I can creep on-I could not ask for more.

Fête des lumières
Fête des lumières
Fête des lumières
Fête des lumières
Fête des lumières
Fête des lumières

16 December 2013

Space Pizza

NyQuil gives me some of the best dreams.


13 December 2013

Friday, Friday

Although, I guess Saturday is now all the rage.

omg me again
omg me again

Also, will someone else please come over and model for me?  I have all sorts of ideas, but about 3 square feet of wall space that isn't covered in art to work with when I have to set my camera somewhere and put it on a timer (ya follow?).  On that note, Photoshoppppp.  Ugh, iPhoto editing, ya ain't cutting it.

This week, I've been taking some over-the-counter medicine and man it has made me sooo loopy.  You should see some of the text messages I sent Eve.  Before I took these photos last night, I told Jessica, "I just have so many art project ideas."  She then replied, "Yeah, honey, that's the medicine talking."

12 December 2013


Lately I've been recovering from a lost voice/being a touch sick.  I've also been spending my free time looking into cars, so basically being boring.  Kudos to my friends for putting up with a less-energetic-and-exciting-than-normal Camille.  I just took a bunch of medicine shortly before I started writing this, and it seems to be helping.

Last night we had a Fare-Thee-Well party for SAJ.  I'm in denial.  But maybe this bodes well for my future car?
SAJ farewell

I've been loving this song.  Whenever it comes on shuffle, I pick up my [walking/jogging/running] pace and feel so resilient.

I've been feeling stuck, unable to progress.  I've been feeling resigned to a life where I am not contributing or achieving.  It is incredibly alarming to me that I feel that way.  I have never been that sort of person.  What changed?  What needs to change?  I was gchatting with Dan this week, and I had an epiphany.  I'm my most optimistic when I'm consistently collaborating with creatives friends.  Styling photoshoots,  making art projects and going on all sorts of adventures makes me come alive and feel like I can conquer anything.  I have so many wonderful friends here in D.C. who are also passionate about the arts (I no longer have to defend my interests to my peers?! Is this heaven?!).  But in the two years I've been here, I have yet to find a creative match- someone who likes to envision and create in the way and to the level that I do.  I will not let that deter me.

kb under water
cm under water

I am wearing thermal underwear (well, shirt and pants) under my regular clothes today and it reminds me of my college days.

11 December 2013


When I wish I didn't have to go to work, or that I wasn't between cars, or that my umbrella hadn't broken, I take a look around and it's easy to be grateful .

Spotted on my walk to the metro this morning.
stride.Who else out there still has work today? And is between cars? And an umbrella that broke? But if I had any of those, I would have missed sights like this one.

10 December 2013

Everything In NYC That Wasn't Orlando Bloom

Kayla and I also:

Watched the skaters and the flags at Rockefeller Plaza.

Ate lots of chocolate.

Looked at all the Christmas windows, especially Bergdorf's Holidays on Ice.
Bergdorf's 2

But most importantly, I got to see my dear friend Carter!  We've been friends since the 2nd day of our freshman year at BYU, so I am ecstatic that he lives in NYC now! 
(He was roommates with Chris that year)
Carter 2
Carter 4

I just love New York.

09 December 2013


See also: The Best Day of My Life, Fangirling


I don't even know how to write this down coherently.

I went to NYC on Saturday with Kayla to see Romeo & Juliet.
We had amazing seats-- third row back, to the left, and I was on the aisle seat.

Orlando Bloom entered the stage on a motorcycle, and I almost fainted.
Early on, you know, when Rosaline was still a thing, Orlando crouched down and recited something romantic and was looking right at me.  My mouth was agape, but still, Orlando Bloom has seen me!!!  And I almost fainted.
Turns out that Romeo made many scene exits by running off stage and through the aisle.  My aisle.  Orlando Bloom was less than 12 inches from me, and I had to stop myself from reaching out and touching him.  And I almost fainted.
At the curtain call, I was incredibly light headed while standing and ovating, but then Orlando came out again and kissed Juliet's hand and I was about done for.


Kayla and I waited out back to see if we could catch Orlando when he came out.  He eventually came outside for about 3 minutes, during which time I got his autograph.  Kayla and I left, and within a few steps, I was so giddy I was on the verge of being on the verge of tears.


I told my roommate Jessica all about it when I got home yesterday, and I was lightheaded all over again.  In fact, I kind of am now.

This is how close I was to the stage (pre-autograph):

Seriously, just the best.  JUST THE ULTIMATE BEST!
Also, Juliet and Mercutio were insanely talented.

06 December 2013

Some Old Film

I'm currently working on a few rolls of film...they're going to be OMG AMAZING but until then, I'm swooning over some old film images.  Oh, how I love disposable cameras.  Why did I have to drop my POP9 into the Great Salt Lake?

movie in the park

05 December 2013

We Are The Walruses

Thanks for ordering Chinese, parents!


04 December 2013


I was going to title this post Illadelph but didn't want to be confused with the bong manufacturer. Just for fun, I looked up Illadelph on Urban Dictionary, and I came across this beautiful definition: "The best city in America! Also called Philadelphia, or Philly (which is what the preppy kids tryna be hood call it), It is the best city yall will ever see! "
I give you, Philadelphia (now that just looks and sounds weird.  Philadelphia.  Philadelphia.  Philadelphia.):
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013

03 December 2013

Beauty & The Beast

I remember when Chris was applying to the MDT program at BYU.  Back then, we were freshmen, and he would sing and dance and talk about dreams of life on the stage.  He's now touring the nation in the Broadway company of Beauty and the Beast.  What an inspiration.
I am so proud of you, Chris!

Belle et la bête
Belle et la bête
Belle et la bête
Chris is also still a million feet taller than I am. Some things never change. (like me being fancy)

02 December 2013

Philadelphia Tourist

I promise I'm from Philly and knew how to get to every place without a GPS or the help of Nick, who's not actually from Philly.

On Friday, the only shopping we did was deciding which historical sites to visit.  We started off at the Liberty Bell.  I had to twirl for the security guy to get in.  He said it was so he could make sure I wasn't concealing anything, but we both know it was really because I've got sweet moves.
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013

We then walked over to this tiny alleyway, which is the oldest residential road still in use in the USofAmurica.
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Tiny street, big hearts.

Hanger was imminent, so we went to Pat's (the only place worth going) and then to Leetle Eatly.
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013
Thanksgiving 2013

We ended at Love Park, where I signed up for a drawing for a new Jeep.  Fingers crossed!  So far all I've won are a bunch of phone calls.
Love park
Thanksgiving 2013

The whole day was just perfection, and I was sad to see everyone go and be left all alone.  

Lots of these photos are from Sarah, but don't ask me which ones.