31 January 2014

Fail, Love, Create, Work

My purse is a disaster, and last night I was digging through it looking for my phone charger.  I didn't find the charger, but instead found my New Year's Resolutions.  I'd forgotten that I wrote them down, but it's good that I did because just earlier that day at lunch I was telling my mom that I was pretty sure I maybe could possibly have a list of them somewhere which would be really great for my new mentoring group.

Apparently 2013 Camille thought that these were the best possible resolutions for 2014 Camille:


I'm sorry, can we take a look at that first one again?  Fail?? Who makes a resolution to fail?? Obviously it was Pretending To Seem Deep And Sensitive To Impress Posterity And So Kate Winslet Will Play Me In My Biopic Camille.  "Failure means I've taken chances."  "Failure is the best teacher."  "You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take." Cliche/Boring/Basketball quote.

On the plus side, I'm really knocking this resolution out of the park, so hopefully this bodes well for the rest of them.  Mainly the second.  Because Mindy & Dannyyyyy (sorry Annabelle).


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Andrea Weinberg said...

Hahaha Camilleeee I laughed out loud at "Cliche/Boring/Basketball"

What is your mentoring group? I love those old resolutions!!