24 January 2014

Little Talks

"The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell."

Things are hard, guys.  I've written a couple of drafts, and I don't know if this is the place to share them, but it helps me process.


On another note, I don't have a coat warm enough for the arctic tundra that is DC- does anybody have any coat suggestions for below freezing temperatures?


Utah Girl Am I said...

A puffy down coat! It's basically a sleeping bag, but you'll be sooooo warm, it's worth looking a little (OK, a lot) like a giant marshmallow. Though to minimize the 'mallow look, I made sure to buy one that had a little belt. Best cold-weather investment I've ever made!

Jannifer said...

I've always loved that line of that song. Also, look into coat omni-heat. It will look silver on the inside. It reflects your body heat back at you. I got a Columbia coat with it this winter and it really works! I highly recommend.