03 January 2014


Happy 2014!! I'm so excited for this year.  2013 tried to kill me many times, quite literally (stuck on the side of a highway, an automobile accident, a car almost hitting me in GTown, getting trapped in an elevator at Forest Glen).  With that in mind, 2014 has been dubbed the Year of the Phoenix.  I'm still figuring out what my goals will be, but I know this will be a grand year!

I went to the classiest NYE party on Tuesday.  It was honestly the NYE party of my dreams.  Hors d'oeuvres, soup, salmon, shrimp, games, presents, prizes, dancing, crowns.  Most memorable was the incredible company.  I love my friends!  I love holidays!!

I'd say, "I'm ready for you, 2014!" but that just sounds weird to talk to a year.

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