20 January 2014

Sunday Terror

I forgot to wear deodorant to church yesterday.  
My lipstick got on a boy's shirt when he hugged me and then he proceeded to show everyone for the rest of the day as some sort of badge of honor.  

I can't decide if I was mortified or if I was terrorized by my body and the sick sense of humor that men have.

On the plus side, it took me no more than 3 seconds to win my round of Psychiatrist.  "The first letter in the first word of your answer is the last letter of the last word of the answer given before yours." "NailedIt #NailingIt #NailsIt

1 comment:

Beth said...

What is Psychiatrist? Is it like Mafia? If it is like Mafia I WANT TO PLAY.

Also, that's funny you didn't wear deodorant to church yesterday, because yesterday at church I wore deodorant for the first time in months. #idontsweat #butjustincase