25 February 2014

Catch Me If You Can

It's 1pm on a Saturday afternoon, and I am stationed at the Hope Diamond.  Like a chameleon, I've perfectly blended in with my surroundings- shiny dress, sequined sleeves, glittery tights, sparkly shoes, shiny necklaces and hair accessories; I have become indistinguishable from the Hope Diamond herself.  Within 15 minutes, team after reconnaissance team tracks me down, takes a picture as evidence, and departs in hopes of finding 8 of my fellow agents.  All I can do is throw the teams off their scents, and wish my agents well over SnapChat and our group text.

Secret Agent Shine Bright

So Saturday was the best ward activity everrrr.  I got to dress up in everything glittery***, wait for teams to solve a clue and find me at the Hope Diamond, and vogue for pictures.  Roy got to dress up like Waldo and said that girls and children alike were running across the museum to take pictures with him.  Stephanie was costumed in a flight suit, and said 4 tourist groups thought she was a statue, and 12 more tourist groups took pictures with her.

Secret Agent Shine Bright
Secret Agent Shine Bright

***I know I did it right based off all the nasty once-overs I was getting from girls [not in our group, of course],  the "are you just getting home from Friday night??" stares I got on the metro that morning, and the "special monitoring" I received from security.

PS- Ask me about decostuming on the metro afterwords. 

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Kati said...

LOVE this so much! And you stationed at the Hope Diamond, so perfect for you! Wish I could have come and seen you in cognito.