03 February 2014

George Mason Volleyball

Sarah, Jesse, Ryan, and I went to the George Mason men's volleyball game on Saturday.

Things I learned:
Sometimes during an intense rally, men will discuss baby names between themselves. (What do you think of the name Jackson vs. Jack vs. Jim?)
I could easily play one of Seinfeld's quirky girlfriends.
Cafe Rio made me the best burrito of the day.  They talked about it for 20 minutes after I ordered.

I left with one big question:
How do I get in on all that slapping action those players are so fond of?  Because business major #12 was mighty fine/is my new boyfriend.

George Mason men's volleyball
George Mason men's volleyball


Kati said...

Nice! Those George Mason volleyball games are a good time! And oh the Cafe Rio burritos! Did that $1 deal twice in a week and am not ashamed...

Camille said...

It was definitely my third week in a row at Cafe Rio! Such a beautiful thing :)