21 February 2014

Kory Woodard Graphic Design

Once upon a time, many years ago when I was an undergrad, I swore that I would never join Twitter.  It seemed pointless.  I didn't get it.  I had Facebook.  Then I dated a boy who loved Twitter- it was part of his job to love social media.  So I thought about joining.  Shortly after I thought about maybe considering it, he dumped me, and I was relieved I hadn't succumbed to joining that weird site about birds or whatever.  Fast forward a few years- I'm living in D.C., verbal hashtagging all my conversations with Jennifer, and it strikes me that I have to join.  So I did.  And I fell in love.

Why do I tell you all this?  Well, a few weeks ago- a year and a half after I began tweeting- I put out a plea on Twitter looking for a graphic designer to create a new header for my blog.  A girl I didn't know from Tennessee responded.  I looked at her portfolio.  I was impressed.  I hired her.  I'm happier for having done it!

Kory was an absolute dream to collaborate with.  She easily understood what I was looking for, provided several options, was quick, professional, and just plain nice.  If you like good design and making the same life choices as I do, then I recommend you check her out.   Thank you, Kory!



Natalie said...

So pretty! Love it.

kory said...

Awh! You are seriously the sweetest! Thanks so much for sharing this with your readers! :)