11 February 2014


I've been craving stillness lately.  I've spent the past few weeks hunting for alone time, stealing moments away from the chaos.  Internally and externally, I have been pulled a thousand different ways.  I've needed to recenter, to rediscover a sense of ease.  To breathe deeply.

On Saturday, I asked a friend to deliver doughnuts to me, and I then stayed in all night watching British movies while I had the house to myself.  The next day, I taciturnly enjoyed a dinner party.  A friend quietly put her arm around me and held me as we watched the Olympics.  A simple gesture, but it was perfect.

Yesterday, I felt a renewed sense of self.  Camille, but refocused.  Camille, but with a broader understanding.  Every time I feel torn down, expended beyond recognition, I return revitalized with greater strength than I imagined possible for myself.

Maybe those introverts are on to something after all...

Spiral Jetty

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Natalie said...

Beautiful post.