24 March 2014

A Perfect Weekend

This weekend was really just perfect.

Saturday morning was Books'n'Brunch!  We read Behind the Beautiful Forevers- a narrative nonfiction about a slum of Mumbai.  I often found myself reminding myself that the book wasn't a work of fiction.  We had some great discussion and some incredible duck fat fries.

I also went to the NGA on Saturday, and guys, I just had the loveliest time there.  The Garry Winogrand photographs were simply exquisite.  I then spent some time in a few frequently neglected galleries of Italian medals and the most beautiful sculpture gallery that emotionally transported me to the Fitz. (Can you tell that I've been thinking about Cambridge a lot lately?  Also, ask me to tell you the story about the Fitz, a date, and a midterm.)  It was just a lovely trip.  I even somehow found the willpower to resist getting a salty-oat cookie at Teaism on my way to the red line.  Say whaaaat?

And I curled my hair.  Which I'm telling you about so there can be some kind of photo in this post.


There was also a missionary farewell  party for G-A-B-B-Y and an amazing ward conference and a visit from the home teachers.  And also the time I cried from laughing so hard to my mom on the phone on Friday as I told her that I'm an IT genius because I know how to solve "Mute" problems.

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