17 March 2014

Actual Conversations I Had This Weekend

Because obviously nothing normal ever happens in my life.


At stake conference on Sunday, I'm sitting next to a lady I don't know.  Let's call her LIDK.
LIDK: "You are going on mission?"
Camille: "No, I'm not going on a mission."
LIDK: "You are working on your papers?"
Camille: "...No...because I'm not...going on a mission."
LIDK: "That's okay, you still have many years until you old enough to put in papers."
Camille: "I'm 25...so, actually many years past 19.  I'm just not going on a mission."
LIDK: "Oh, so you are blind?"
Camille: "..........No? I'm sorry, what.... I'm not going on a mission.  My brothers did though."
LIDK: "Oh. So you have not gone on a mission."
Camille: "...............Correct......."

Sunday night, Andrea and I both wanted brownies, and being the domestic goddesses that we are, we made our own from scratch.
Camille: "Chocolate chips would be so good in here.  Do you have any?"
Andrea: "No, I don't."
Camille: "Neither do I."
--40 Seconds Pass--

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Get home safely!


Jen said...

I wish I ha 13 pounds of chocolate chips...but since I consume Cadbury Eggs at an alarming rate, perhaps that is good.

Beth said...

Wait, so you DIDN'T go on a mission? But you ARE blind? This is blowing my mind.

Natalie said...

Love it!

emi said...

haha this was hilarious. i just stumbled upon your blog and am so glad i did for this laugh! what is it with people and mission questions! xo

the well-traveled wife ♥

The Kitch said...

This. Is. Hilarious. I love it so much. I really enjoy reading your blog you have the best stories! And I adore ALL of your outfits, you are one stylish woman!