04 March 2014

Almost As Good As The Time My Mother Doused Herself In Gasoline


My parents came down to visit me on Sunday morning.  When I opened the door, I found my mother standing there holding a reusable grocery bag.  Actually, I should say that I found my mother slightly hunched over under the weight of a reusable grocery bag.  I peeked in...and found Ziploc bag after Ziploc bag full of chocolate chips.  Chocolate chips!!  I later weighed them- there were 13 pounds of chocolate chips.  To say that this is the highlight of the year is an understatement.  I have grand visions of my friends battling over me, desperate to prove that they love me the most- all in the hopes of securing a few sweet chocolate morsels.  In this vision there is also a chocolate shortage.  
Have I mentioned that I'm a middle child?



Kristy Moffat said...

You know you have the coolest mother on earth....:)

Camille said...

Most definitely ;)

parkermoffat said...

No, I DO!

smile like you mean it said...

Geez she's the bomb!

Alex Holloway said...

First, youre outfit c'est trop chic.

And last, the chocolate chips. YUM--> You are the best loved. All middle children are.

Camille said...

Alex, that means a lot coming from a numero uno childo like yourselfo!