10 March 2014

Weekend Update

I may be sick today (watched Season 3 of The Office!), but I had the best weekend.

Kayla was here, and we went to the temple, Cafe Rio, and Ritas.  She also brought me chocolate covered cinnamon bears!!!!  #BestFriendEver #Camayla

Next stop: Cafe Rio #Camayla

I had Hawaiian pancakes this weekend, too, and yes, they are as good as they sound!  Passion fruit pancakes!  Banana pancakes!  Coconut syrup!  Bacon!  The greatest company in the history of ever!  And I also tried Spam for the first time and didn't gag!

Hawaiian pancakes
Hawaiian pancakes

A most delightful weekend, indeed.  


smile like you mean it said...

It makes me so happy that you wear that sweater :)

Jen said...

sorry you weren't feeling well! But going to the Temple is always good idea, isn't it?