25 April 2014

My Hometown

The house is empty, the boxes are loaded in the truck, and my parents are officially moving across the country.  My family exchanged our favorite memories over an email chain, and I was deeply tempted to post it here and bore everyone except us.  Instead, here are a few that come to mind.

I miss the woods, the tunnels, the river. 
I miss my bedroom with the best bed and the glow-in-the-dark stars, and climbing out onto the roof. 
I miss Rita's 5 days a week.
I miss the fireplaces and the fire pit and the pool. 
I miss sledding into the neighbor's lawn, walking to the JWalks, the bats flying overhead. 
I miss the brothels and ghost stories (that's for you, Parker).
I miss our crazy ward.
I miss the beautiful views outside and waking up as the sun streams across my face.

family at moffat manor
family at moffat manor
family at moffat manor


Jen said...

ughhh---leaving childhood homes. My parents have moved a few times, but when we moved from Provo to Arizona, I cried, and cried, and cried at leaving that house. :( It's tough to move on--homes have so many good memories, it's like they become part of the family, too.

Beth said...

Rough. But the poses tell me you are facing it like a champ. Way to be (awesome)!

ashley: said...

sadness. That house looks and sounds incredible.

parkermoffat said...

That's darn right you miss the brothel!