14 April 2014

Rooftop BBQs and Art Creeps

My friends and I had a rooftop BBQ yesterday.  It was enjoyable and delicious and warm and all things good.  I ate all the strawberries because they're my favorite food.  I left after just two hours because I could tell that I was in a "If I'm super loud then people have to notice me, also let me talk all about how cool I am, all of these things will make people love me and definitely not annoyed with me" mood, and that I should cut my losses and head home.

Chinatown picnic BBQ

I walked to the GPC metro, but before I knew  it, my feet had taken me to the National Gallery.  It was about quarter of 9 by this point, and I climbed the steps and laid down to admire the sky and recharge.  The weather was perfect, and the moment was peaceful.

Then, because the NGA is my favorite place in DC but also definitely the creepiest, I sat up and noticed that on the green across the steps, there was some guy lingering next to his bike.  Not just lingering, but staring.  Not just staring, but taking pictures of me.  I saw that he was holding a camera waist/bike seat high, and that the flash/indicator light would go off repeatedly at irregular intervals.  At around 9:35, I stood up to leave.  I walked down the steps, and he slowly started crossing the street towards me.  He came within about two feet of me, and then he turned to go the direction I had arrived from.  I crossed the road and walked to a different metro, wishing that my phone weren't dead.

Guys, why do these things happen to me?  I will be the first to admit that I'm just a typical, average-looking girl, so I don't think this had anything to do with my looks.  Does anybody else have similar experiences??

Chinatown picnic BBQ


Jen said...

your hair is so long and lovely!

Jourdan said...

stuff like that-- sexual assault, predatory behaviors, et cetera-- isn't about attraction. it's about power. i'm glad you were safe.

Camille said...

Jourdan, you are so right. I'm glad that you were as bothered by this as I was.