19 May 2014

Flower Birthday!

Two things:
My house is a garden right now (and smells amaaaazing)!
Today is my birthday!

I had my birthday party on Sunday.  I had planned just a casual "wear something springy and bring a snack!" kind of party (starting a new job doesn't leave much time to plan one's own birthday party)...it turned into something much more and much better, and was hands down one of my favorite birthdays ever!

Ceri labored over this beautiful cake-- chocolate, with strawberry filling.  Oh, it was so beautiful.  And delicious!!!  Ceri told me last week "not to worry about the decorations, I've got them taken care of."  A few hours after church, Ceri and Alisha walked in with armloads of fresh cut flowers.  Armloads!!  They began to put them in vases around the house.

As my friends arrived, they almost all seemed to come with giant bouquets of flowers, too!!!  Guest after guest arrived bearing lilies, roses, sunflowers, alstromeria, mums, daisies, gladiolus, and these beautiful pink flowers from a backyard.  I was somewhere between speechless and giddy--awestruck?  Everyone talked in small, happy conversations, eating cake and 8 pounds of strawberries, music in the background.  It was a perfect moment.  Surrounded by those I love, and getting to watch as they all interacted with each other.  My people being happy is what brings me joy.

As it turns out, Ceri went even more above and more beyond, and sent a secret email out to the guest list, suggesting that they bring flowers because I love them so much.  Indeed, I felt loved so much.

Ceri's cake
Leslie Ostler
Jordan Langdon
Jordan Langdon and Maddy Gleave
Kelli Urry
Yandary Zavala
Nick Teodoro
Flower bday
Flower bday

The flowers :)
^^the whole walkway looked like this
Flower BIrthday


Kristy Moffat said...

So MUCH Beautiful going on here! Happy Birthday!!!!!!

Kati said...

That is incredible! How gorgeous!

Beth said...

So pretty! And just perfect.