22 May 2014

Just Give Me The Senior Citizen Discount Already

My birthday was only 3 days ago, but already I'm feeling like I've crossed over the threshold into adulthood and am no longer a young, hip youth.

-I was the only one introducing myself by just my first name at a meeting with a gov. agency today.  I'm now old enough to have to introduce myself by my full name.  I'm also old enough to be at meetings with gov. agencies.
-I had to call tech support for help installing a driver (turns out I wasn't doing anything wrong, their printer is just stupid).
-I didn't know a slang word and had to ask what it meant.
-I voluntarily listen to NPR.
-I downloaded an app today to help with my expense reports.  I downloaded an expense reports app.  And I love it.


preethi said...

Happiest of birthdays!! Also, I turn 30 in a couple weeks, so now you can still feel really young and hip.

Jourdan said...

all these things. yep.