06 June 2014

Art Party!

Ashley teaches art at an elementary school and at a local art studio, VisArts.  So to celebrate her birthday, she hosted an art party at her work! (VisArts, not the elementary school, ya weirdo).

It was super fun and amazing and also I like to think that the whole party was my idea because I emailed Ashley a month ago (right before my birthday) about the idea of doing the same thing (except with ceramics) for my party but then ended up not doing it and had lots of pretty flowers instead, can you follow this run-on sentence and train of thought?  Typical me, taking credit when it's a day to celebrate someone else. Waa waa.

Regardless of whose idea it was, THE PARTY WAS AMAZING!!!!! There's always a lot of pressure on me in artsy situations to be the best because I studied art history (see url of this blog).  When it comes to arranging flowers or outfits or hanging a gallery wall, yeah, all y'all are right, but when it comes to painting I just go by old standby of, "Just because I can tell you if a painting is any good doesn't mean that I'm a painter myself."  Turns out I am actually a painter (except for my inconsistent light source and less than satisfactory sky), so bring on the big bucks!

Art party

PS- those pants used to be white...


Beth said...

The artwork and the pants are phenomenal

Jen said...

Love it. And you.

ashley: said...

Fun!!! I can't tell you how many job interviews I have been on and people say, "oh so you are an artist!" Sometimes I corrected them sometimes I didn't hahaha. Your work of art is gorg!!!