26 June 2014


It's weird to write about this Greekey trip.  To sit down and put everything into words.  I checked so many things off of my bucket list- it's dizzying to think about.  My neighbor took me to the grocery store when I got back and asked me what the highlights of my trip were...and honestly, the conversations I had with my friends were the highlight.  Vulnerable, intimate, and authentic conversation in the caves of Capadocia.  Insightful answers in the family bed in Istanbul.  Opening up  in Samos, or girl talk in the Aegean.  Yes, the adventures were crazy and memorable and mostly insane, but I grew so much as an individual in ways that I absolutely could not have in any other setting.  I learned about not hiding from admitting what's driving you crazy.  I learned about not shying away from showing that you care.  I learned more deeply about authenticity and vulnerability.  I learned about disappointment and admitting that you're wrong.  I learned that I'm not invisible, and that I'm worth it.  I deepened my relationship with God.

So, over the next several days I'll be positing about the trip.  I'm working on a way to get photos from the group, because frankly, theirs are better than mine, so it might be a few days until the posts get up and rolling.  But I also learned about patience on this trip.  That perpetual, eternal lesson.  


Kati said...

So beautiful Camille!

Andrea Weinberg said...

You are so moving! xoxox happy you're back in DC

Jen said...

can't wait to see the photos and read about your adventures!