29 June 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Still writing about Greekey, and am currently taking a break from work to write this as I eat my rice.

I love my calling.  When I got set apart a few weeks ago, I was washed over with a tidal wave of love for the sisters in my Relief Society.  My ability to love has been vamped up about 1000%.  I've felt so close to the Spirit, too.  I wish I could devote all of my time to serving.  Sundays are my favorite day.

The life I envision for myself is one where I am a stay-at-home mother (I'm pretty passionate about that for myself) and can spend my days serving my family and in the Church and making others feel good about themselves.  So that makes the whole YSA thing kind of tough*, but I'm blessed to be able to have this calling and to serve with Michelle, Kahli, and Liz.



Jen said...

time out, what's your calling? RS Pres? :)

Camille said...

1st counselor :)