15 July 2014

Sara Bareilles Concert

I've been wanting to go to a Sara Bareilles concert for years-- ever since Jannifer told me about how she saw her before she was really famous in some small bar in Utah and that it was amazing.  The concert was at Wolf Trap- which is beautiful but also a sauna on a humid day like yesterday.  It was also apparently the largest show she's ever played.

Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles
Sara Bareilles

Overall, I liked the show.  Not my absolute favorite concert ever (BECAUSE HELLO JT!!), but man, she has a lot of power behind her voice.  I know that there's a picture of the group I went with (Jacqueline and Leslie), but I look like a hot humid mess, so that's not going up here.


Jannifer said...

Aw, love Sara Bareilles and good memory of my past concert adventures. Glad you got to go!!

Beth said...

We were there! Along with all of the DC area, but still! I wish we had seen you. I looked like Miss Frizzle.

Camille said...

Beth are you serious!!! Ah! We need to talk about the psychedelic twin duo!