18 September 2014

Fun Times

I went to this ward thing last night, and had a brief conversation with a guy whose name I forget so we'll just call him Mr. Manga.

Mr. Manga: "What does fun look like to you?"
Camille: "Excuse me?"
Mr. M: "What does fun look like to you?"
C: "Look like?"
Mr. M: "Yeah, I like to ask people that."
C: (finally getting what he means by his question) "Oh, museums.  Travelling.  Adventures."
Mr. M: "Museums?  That's the first time I've heard that answer."

As much as his response causes me inner turmoil, on the plus side, someone talked to me!


Lindsay Garlock said...

This is funny. And weird/poor guy haha.

When I was a kid I would dream about the day that I was in college and I was sure that I would meet someone dreamy that would take me on museum dates. We'd sip hot chocolate and walk around the museum and I always imagined a makeout sesh in some forgotten corner when no one was around. Hahah. Too bad I dated very few boys that thought anything like that - but some came really close!

Beth said...

No no no no no no no no.
I just. . .
But hooray for new friends!!

Jen said...

Museums would be in my top 5, too!!! No wonder I like you so much. :D