16 September 2014

I Am Currently In A Serious Relationship With Doughnuts

I could write about how much I miss home, or how everyone at church on Sunday looked like Captain Jack Sparrow (but not in that elusive hot way).

Or I could write that I'm allergic to literally everything here, or about how math is hard and wtf why numbers whyyyyy??

But instead I'm going to exclaim with glee that yesterday, I noticed a Dunkin Donuts from my window at the library!!!  This one time, a fella ding-dong-ditched a bag of Dunkin Donuts at my house and it was easily the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.

Also, this weekend I discovered a show called Donut Showdown.  This is a game changer!!

I am not kidding, I love doughnuts.

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Beth said...

You are that much closer to Provo Bakery. SO. CLOSE. Provo is, what, an hour away? Worth it.