12 September 2014

Look How Good-Looking My Friends Are

It's a good thing I'm exhausted from traveling and unpacking as I write this, otherwise this would be another super sentimental post.

Basically, I miss and love everyone.  Thanks for being the perfect party hostess, Michelle.  And thanks to the whole ward for dealing with my sobbing (yep! I kept it together super well!) on Sunday.

So many pictures, and I am not in the least bit sorry (that's old school for sorrynotsorry).
Also, Anne Sophes, if you see this, thanks for letting me wear your skirt on Saturday and your top on Sunday ;)

Ward temple night
LZRS2 Presidency
Maddy Gleave
Jordan Langdon
Chinatown and Sarah Waggoner
Yandary & Sarah
Yandary Z
Alexis L
Dara K
LZRS2 Presidency
^shoes are fiercely on point here
Maddy & Jordan
Maddy & Jordan
Ashley N
Carols and Sar
Brad H
Michelle L
Magidson sisters
Spencer k
Yandary & Maggie

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