31 January 2014

Pay Attention To Me And Laugh

My dream job would be something where I get to be mostly funny but also make pretty things.  And I am famous because I love attention.  Also, it would be warm where I work/live but I get to wear blazers, too.

Fail, Love, Create, Work

My purse is a disaster, and last night I was digging through it looking for my phone charger.  I didn't find the charger, but instead found my New Year's Resolutions.  I'd forgotten that I wrote them down, but it's good that I did because just earlier that day at lunch I was telling my mom that I was pretty sure I maybe could possibly have a list of them somewhere which would be really great for my new mentoring group.

Apparently 2013 Camille thought that these were the best possible resolutions for 2014 Camille:


I'm sorry, can we take a look at that first one again?  Fail?? Who makes a resolution to fail?? Obviously it was Pretending To Seem Deep And Sensitive To Impress Posterity And So Kate Winslet Will Play Me In My Biopic Camille.  "Failure means I've taken chances."  "Failure is the best teacher."  "You miss 100% of the shots that you don't take." Cliche/Boring/Basketball quote.

On the plus side, I'm really knocking this resolution out of the park, so hopefully this bodes well for the rest of them.  Mainly the second.  Because Mindy & Dannyyyyy (sorry Annabelle).


30 January 2014

The Desert

I just rewatched the last minute and a half of The Desert episode of The Mindy Project at least 10 times.  

Wakeup Call

Nights celebrating Sarah's birthday followed by sleepovers with the Chinatown girls that lead to this view on my morning commute just can't be beat!

Chinatown sleepover

unedited, unfussed.

28 January 2014

Little Letters

Dear Nap,

I would very much like to take you.

With fatigue,



Let's meet in real life sometime, and not just in one of my crazy dreams.  And yes, by sometime, I mean soon.




Dear SweetGreen,

Guacamole Greens.  Always blows me away.  Al.ways.




Dear Self Control,

Thanks for being there to keep me from teaching a lesson to someone.

Still fairly ticked,




27 January 2014

Then & Now

Sometimes conversations you had 4.5 years ago on a gallery stroll are what you need to hear right now.

aundrea, me, and coryn by park city door

80s Dance Party

Whoever said that 80s dance parties were just for college kids was wrong.
Danced all night!

80s Party
80s Party
80s Party
80s Party

24 January 2014

Little Talks

"The path to heaven runs through miles of clouded hell."

Things are hard, guys.  I've written a couple of drafts, and I don't know if this is the place to share them, but it helps me process.


On another note, I don't have a coat warm enough for the arctic tundra that is DC- does anybody have any coat suggestions for below freezing temperatures?

23 January 2014

If I Should Have A Daughter

A beautiful poem, a beautiful story.  I can, I will, I am.

Sarah Kay

22 January 2014

Chinese New Year Lanterns

We celebrated Chinese New Year early at FHE on Monday.  We made paper lanterns and set them freeee.


The best ones caught on fire.

At one point while the lanterns were burning (in a safe space, obviously), a neighbor we've never met just came out of his house (which, by the way, is the house that all the frat boys live in, so I don't know what Mr. McOlderson is doing living there) to "see what we were up to."  He suspiciously volunteered that he hadn't called the cops and that he just wanted to watch.  He then proceeded to ask which Chinese year it was turning and which one was finishing, all while rocking on the balls of his feet while his hands were in his front jeans pockets.  It was shady.

21 January 2014

French Children's Books

There's a new French children's bookshop in Kensington (it's inside of a used bookstore).  Eve and I went on Saturday, and I was so overwhelmed with excitement that I nearly exploded.

Kayla Zumba
Kayla Zumba
Kayla Zumba
^^ I need this book.
Kayla Zumba
^^ I grew up with Asterix

And then we followed it up with some tea.  An anglo-francophile's dream.  But yeah, the straws were weird.
Kayla Zumba

Kayla Is A Zumba Teacher!

Kayla came down to get her Zumba teacher certification!!!  We cooked and SnapChatted the whole east coast and got $1 burritos and laughed at our own jokes the whole time.

Kayla Zumba

20 January 2014

Sunday Terror

I forgot to wear deodorant to church yesterday.  
My lipstick got on a boy's shirt when he hugged me and then he proceeded to show everyone for the rest of the day as some sort of badge of honor.  

I can't decide if I was mortified or if I was terrorized by my body and the sick sense of humor that men have.

On the plus side, it took me no more than 3 seconds to win my round of Psychiatrist.  "The first letter in the first word of your answer is the last letter of the last word of the answer given before yours." "NailedIt #NailingIt #NailsIt

18 January 2014

Sweet 16

Happy without a reason to be is one of my favorite kinds of happy.

17 January 2014

I Lost My Shirt While Walking Home From The Metro

I ordered some shirts at J.Crew on final sale (read: deep discount!) and had them sent to the office, because I knew I wouldn't be able to wait even just a few hours to get home and see their loveliness.  They came in a big ol' box, but I didn't want to carry that to/on/from the metro, so being the clever girl that I am, I just stuck them in a Trader Joe's paper bag, folded the bag down flat, and voila! A non-intrusive package full of beauty.

I walked out of the office feeling all proud and smug of my ingenious plan.  I was already planning my conversations with my engineer friends, proving to them that I was their equal in ingenuity.  "Oh, that's nice that you design fighter jets, but did you know that I thought to put my new shirts in an old TJ's paper bag- folded down flat- so that I wouldn't have to carry a clunky box around town? Who's laughing at my Art History degree now?"

Sitting on the metro, I couldn't help but giggle to myself.  "No one knows that there are shirts in this bag!  They all think I'm a weird person carrying an empty grocery bag.  Oh, the fools!  If only they knew!"  Clearly, I was drunk on my brilliance.  I can't emphasize enough just how smart I felt.

A song with a good beat came on shortly after I got off the metro, and I quite literally danced my way home to it.  I ran inside, took off my coat, and brought my bag up to my room.  I opened up the bag...and just one shirt slid out.  My heart started racing.  "There should be two!! Where is the other shirt?? The other shirt is the one that was going to get me a boyfriend!!"*  Evidently, it had done the impossible and slipped out of my brilliant folded down TJ's bag.  I ran over to Eve's room.  "Eve! Can I borrow your car for like 5 minutes?? I've lost my shirt!"

With a confused look (and a hungry one, as we were supposed to be heading out the door to restaurant week), Eve threw me her keys, and I was off.  I made it around the corner, saw something small and enclosed in clear plastic, and laughed with relief.  There it was!  My shirt, still wrapped in the clear plastic sleeve it was delivered in, was just at the neighbor's house!  I turned off the car and excitedly ran to...my neighbor's newspaper.  I picked it up just to be sure, but nope, it was the pape.  Drats!

I was off again.  I got in the car and drove slowly with the brights on high.  "Man, people just do not bring in their newspapers, do they?"  Every newspaper made my heart race, thinking I had caught sight of the shirt that was sure to bring me love.  My heart was breaking, over and over and over.

Finally, I got to a point in retracing my steps where I knew I had to park and get out and look.  I parked outside of some townhomes, and tried to keep calm.  I saw a man walking down the sidewalk, from the direction of the metro.  This was it!! Surely this man had seen my shirt!! "Excuse me, sir!  Have you seen a shirt laying on the ground?  Red with blue bows printed on it? Still in the plastic?  The kind of shirt that you'd see and know that you just had to date the girl who was wearing it?"  The man took a moment to process my frenzied pleas, and replied that he hadn't seen my lost love.  I could tell that he was working our conversation to Let me get your phone number so I can call you if I see it ;) ;) ;)  But please, I didn't have time for that.  Besides, giving my number to a random man I met in the dark by the metro didn't seem like the best plan. 

I dismissed the man, and continued to follow the sidewalk.  I turned the bend, and there I was confronted with a sea of uncollected newspapers.  I felt so defeated.  "Just bring in your damn papers!!!" I screamed internally.  Dejected, I turned my face to the right to hide my sorrow.  And that's when it happened!  There, just off the sidewalk and on someone's front patch of grass (to call it a lawn seems cruel), was my shirt!! My love-finding, new, beautiful beautiful shirt!!!  I picked it up with glee!!  I held it close to my chest, twirled once, and then ran back to the car.  I zipped on home, ran in the front door, and exclaimed, "I found it!!  All is right in the world!!  I will find love!!"  My roommates, the blessed souls that they are, smiled and cheered for me. 

And with that, we all bundled up, got in Jessica's car, and drove to dinner at a delicious French restaurant.


*How I rationalize any and all clothing purchases.  "But it'll make ma body look great, and the boyz will want to looooove me."

**Not from last night.  From the summer, a time when my feet could be free.

16 January 2014

Dancing The Dream

I saw the Dancing The Dream exhibit last night for the third time, but this time was different since I took a tour with the curator (Amy Henderson).

There was a trivia quiz after-- Melanie and I won second place, so I awarded myself the prize of taking home one of their cool pencils that we used.

NPG trivia night

14 January 2014

This Morning

This morning was rough.  I was faced with all sorts of existential questions about myself.  I don't know the answers. I do know that I am grateful for good friends who will meet up with me for lunch in the rain.  Friends who won't let me deflect, and will listen to me talk.



13 January 2014

You Know I've Been Doing Lots Of Cool Stuff Because I'm Posting Old Pictures

I spent the rest of my weekend ignoring laundry, reading a book, obsessing over this, and babysitting.

So here are some oldies.  Because I also organized my iPhoto, thankyouverymuch.  Badly needed.  
Man, memory laaaane.

Rachael's Wedding

Eastern Market Indiana Jones

I found some real oldies.  We're talking 90's stuff here, folks.  It'll be good.  Nay, it'll be grand.  Grandiose.

Jackie's Birthday

Jackie had a birthday!!  
Eve and I drove up to Baltimore in the rain.  I ate all the food.  The boys danced.  
It was such a wonderful night. :)

Jackie's party
Jackie's party
Oh, Geoff.  Friends 4ever.

10 January 2014


This week has consisted of John Mayer, One Direction (whooops I bought the album), my BBC love (it's awful to be watching it in the States now, what with the delay and all), British chocolate, good news, birthday phone calls to  Heidi, kind strangers, and Harry Potter stamps.



08 January 2014

You Look Good In Them Genes

The whole fam damily.

Moffat Family 2013 hair

/Thanks to Carolyn for working her photographer magic/

07 January 2014

The Weight Of Lies

Some hipster music I like.  

06 January 2014

Some Kind Of Witty Title About Church Being Cold

Church was memorable yesterday.
The heat was out, so we shivered our way through first hour, and then the rest was cancelled (but not before having hot chocolate in the cultural hall- that should be the new normal, yes?).
There was an unexpected blast from my past.  People thought I was crazy for not wearing tights/sweater/turtleneck/parka, but I'm glad I went with "dress hot" instead of "dress warmly".
But my feet were pretty cold after, so I convinced my friend to carry me to Eve's car.


04 January 2014


I'm too cool to look at you.
The wheel

Just kidding.  Arrow, you're so funny.
The wheel


03 January 2014


Happy 2014!! I'm so excited for this year.  2013 tried to kill me many times, quite literally (stuck on the side of a highway, an automobile accident, a car almost hitting me in GTown, getting trapped in an elevator at Forest Glen).  With that in mind, 2014 has been dubbed the Year of the Phoenix.  I'm still figuring out what my goals will be, but I know this will be a grand year!

I went to the classiest NYE party on Tuesday.  It was honestly the NYE party of my dreams.  Hors d'oeuvres, soup, salmon, shrimp, games, presents, prizes, dancing, crowns.  Most memorable was the incredible company.  I love my friends!  I love holidays!!

I'd say, "I'm ready for you, 2014!" but that just sounds weird to talk to a year.

02 January 2014

Library Love

This year is off to a great start.