28 February 2014

Cardiac Arrest- Bad Suns

Latest song obsession:

My mantra this year (in addition to my resolutions):


27 February 2014

The Red Line

It took me 1h30 to get from DuPont Circle to Forest Glen yesterday, thanks to a broken signal at Fort Totten.  Fortunately, I made it just in time to my babysitting job, so all is right in the world.

When you need to unwind and just wanna go for a drive but don't have a car, you end up taking selfies in the basement.

Redline delays

26 February 2014

I Didn't Get Creeped On At The National Gallery For Once

Normally when I go to the NGA, I'm there by myself and I have to brace myself for the onslaught of advances from security guards who chat me up, tell me that the used to have a career jumping out of helicopters but can't seem to elaborate further when asked, and then demand for my phone number and stalk me on Facebook [THIS IS A TRUE STORY].  When I went this past Saturday, I learned that if you're at the NGA by yourself, enjoying the Italian galleries before pretending to be a spy, you can find cute Italian men who speak little to no English (just a guess) but will make flirtatious eye contact with you while admiring some High Renaissance art.

fras angelico and lippi
^Not HighRen, but I still love me some Fras Angelico and Lippi.

25 February 2014

Catch Me If You Can

It's 1pm on a Saturday afternoon, and I am stationed at the Hope Diamond.  Like a chameleon, I've perfectly blended in with my surroundings- shiny dress, sequined sleeves, glittery tights, sparkly shoes, shiny necklaces and hair accessories; I have become indistinguishable from the Hope Diamond herself.  Within 15 minutes, team after reconnaissance team tracks me down, takes a picture as evidence, and departs in hopes of finding 8 of my fellow agents.  All I can do is throw the teams off their scents, and wish my agents well over SnapChat and our group text.

Secret Agent Shine Bright

So Saturday was the best ward activity everrrr.  I got to dress up in everything glittery***, wait for teams to solve a clue and find me at the Hope Diamond, and vogue for pictures.  Roy got to dress up like Waldo and said that girls and children alike were running across the museum to take pictures with him.  Stephanie was costumed in a flight suit, and said 4 tourist groups thought she was a statue, and 12 more tourist groups took pictures with her.

Secret Agent Shine Bright
Secret Agent Shine Bright

***I know I did it right based off all the nasty once-overs I was getting from girls [not in our group, of course],  the "are you just getting home from Friday night??" stares I got on the metro that morning, and the "special monitoring" I received from security.

PS- Ask me about decostuming on the metro afterwords. 

23 February 2014

A Happy Weekend

This weekend has been so wonderful.  Waiting on pictures but here's one that makes me smile :)

Babysitting W & O

21 February 2014

Kory Woodard Graphic Design

Once upon a time, many years ago when I was an undergrad, I swore that I would never join Twitter.  It seemed pointless.  I didn't get it.  I had Facebook.  Then I dated a boy who loved Twitter- it was part of his job to love social media.  So I thought about joining.  Shortly after I thought about maybe considering it, he dumped me, and I was relieved I hadn't succumbed to joining that weird site about birds or whatever.  Fast forward a few years- I'm living in D.C., verbal hashtagging all my conversations with Jennifer, and it strikes me that I have to join.  So I did.  And I fell in love.

Why do I tell you all this?  Well, a few weeks ago- a year and a half after I began tweeting- I put out a plea on Twitter looking for a graphic designer to create a new header for my blog.  A girl I didn't know from Tennessee responded.  I looked at her portfolio.  I was impressed.  I hired her.  I'm happier for having done it!

Kory was an absolute dream to collaborate with.  She easily understood what I was looking for, provided several options, was quick, professional, and just plain nice.  If you like good design and making the same life choices as I do, then I recommend you check her out.   Thank you, Kory!


20 February 2014


I keep having dreams that friends throw me surprise parties.

On that note, Happy Birthday, Dad!

1- MontMartre (2)

19 February 2014

Today Was The Best

How can there be atheists in a world where there are also crepe food trucks?

I mean.


18 February 2014

Lastest Painting Obsession

Sometimes in the quest to find art for clients, I come across something that I love, too.

17 February 2014

Snow Day

Remember that snow day last week?  You know, the one where I actually had off of work for the first time ever?  I went out while it was sleeting and took pictures (yes, Sarah, at a park).  I didn't use my dslr because of the sleet, but I did use my fish eye lens on my iPhone.

Snow Day
Snow Day
Snow Day
Snow Day
Snow Day
Snow Day

14 February 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day!! It's my favorite holiday of the year, I'm honestly more excited for it than Christmas.  Have a day full of Love, any color remotely related to red, and heart shaped doughnuts.


13 February 2014

One Man Les Miserables

Okay, so this is pretty cool.


12 February 2014

Tory Burch Fashion Show

DC has their own little fashion week, which is basically just girls with complexes standing around, looking at models standing on pedestals (one of whom looked exactly like my cousin, so yeah, I'm basically beautiful by association), and wishing that they were in New York for real fashion week.  Once Yandary and I were able to find a posh little couch to watch from, I had a lot of fun!

Tory Burch fashion show
There was of course a lot of alcohol (fyi, neither of us drink), so this was about the clearest shot of us we were able to get.
Tory Burch fashion show
Tory Burch fashion show
Tory Burch fashion show

11 February 2014


I've been craving stillness lately.  I've spent the past few weeks hunting for alone time, stealing moments away from the chaos.  Internally and externally, I have been pulled a thousand different ways.  I've needed to recenter, to rediscover a sense of ease.  To breathe deeply.

On Saturday, I asked a friend to deliver doughnuts to me, and I then stayed in all night watching British movies while I had the house to myself.  The next day, I taciturnly enjoyed a dinner party.  A friend quietly put her arm around me and held me as we watched the Olympics.  A simple gesture, but it was perfect.

Yesterday, I felt a renewed sense of self.  Camille, but refocused.  Camille, but with a broader understanding.  Every time I feel torn down, expended beyond recognition, I return revitalized with greater strength than I imagined possible for myself.

Maybe those introverts are on to something after all...

Spiral Jetty

10 February 2014

Hot. Cool. Yours.

Sochi's Olympic motto may be my favorite ever.

There was an opening ceremonies viewing party in Virginia on Friday.  And by Party I mean Mess of People- by one count there were 150 people there!  I secured a great seat on the couch and did not budge until it was time to go.  Well, except to wash the glo-stick off of my hand.  Did you know that they smell like salt and vinegar? 

Sochi opening ceremonies party
Sochi opening ceremonies party

07 February 2014

Big Goals

One of my top accomplishments this week was getting my haircut for the first time since my brother's been married.

What can I say, I'm a dreamer and a doer.

05 February 2014

I Don't Know How Anyone Could Take Me Seriously

It's Annabelle's birthday, so here are some SnapChats that don't include her and were not sent to her, either.
I mean, what're friends for, amIright?


H/T Jordan and Maddy

04 February 2014

Not A Fashion Blogger

Dear Posterity,

Once upon a time, your (great^whatever)(grand)mother had an awesome coat with sequined sleeves.  Remember me that way.  The way where I'm cool.



Sequin military coat
Sequin military coat

The favorite comment I received was from Bekah: "CamCam looking GlamGlam."

PS- How I normally dress

Let me add that I am overwhelmed and surprised (and, truthfully, baffled) at the kind sentiments people have expressed.  I have no words.

03 February 2014

George Mason Volleyball

Sarah, Jesse, Ryan, and I went to the George Mason men's volleyball game on Saturday.

Things I learned:
Sometimes during an intense rally, men will discuss baby names between themselves. (What do you think of the name Jackson vs. Jack vs. Jim?)
I could easily play one of Seinfeld's quirky girlfriends.
Cafe Rio made me the best burrito of the day.  They talked about it for 20 minutes after I ordered.

I left with one big question:
How do I get in on all that slapping action those players are so fond of?  Because business major #12 was mighty fine/is my new boyfriend.

George Mason men's volleyball
George Mason men's volleyball

02 February 2014

Double Digits

I went cosmic bowling on a military base on Friday.  Double digits never felt so good.  You know, because when I last went bowling- at age 16- I scored a 9.  Total.  For all 10 frames.  This time, I scored 52!!!!