31 March 2014

Jamestown Revival

Been obsessed with them lately. 


Moffat Manor

My parents recently decided that they hate me and sold our house.  To add insult to injury, they're abandoning me and moving across the country.  They've been talking about moving for a while, but the actual selling/buying of homes moved pretty quickly (like, in one day quickly).  They're moving shortly after Easter, so this means I'm spending part or all of virtually every weekend in between at home.  Trying to say goodbye to the house I've lived in for the past 14 years has been hard.  Just this weekend, I walked into my bedroom and started crying at the sight of my dresser.  To reiterate: I cried over a dresser.  In my defense, Paigey had stolen it and had it in her room for the past few years, so to see my room as my room, complete and whole, one more time was emotional.  An unexpected, but much needed, momentary return to a simpler time.

The three of us went to Front Street Fountain- the restaurant where my sister worked- for the last time.  We talked with the owners about Paige (and Jacob), and I ordered my favorite tomato-soup-that's-basically-just-marinara-sauce-and-it's-seriously-delicious.  I not only met Spiderman and Frank and Patty at FSF, I also got gear for gym and sports there back in the days that it was Bill Battey's.  And, you guessed it, I cried (I covered by saying, "Nope, not quite ready to order yet!")

Kayla came over, too.  We talked and went to Rita's (they even had rootbeer- the only flavor my Dad will eat, and the only one that I won't) and to the post office.  We ate pork chops and went to Women's Conference.  We got caught in the rain several times, which is the surest sign that spring has come.  The fireflies signal the arrival of summer, and I mourn the fact that I didn't know that my hometown firefly catching days last summer were my last.

I woke up to the scent of freshly-baked brownies on Sunday morning.  That alone should illustrate why I'm going to miss being able to go home several times a month.   Or maybe you would understand if you knew how comfortable my bed is, or how many off-season clothes my closet stores for me.  Or if you could read the countless volumes of my memories, or if you were able to see the trivial moments that serve as monuments to my personal growth.

Heilbron, how I love you.

north side

You're all invited home for Easter, just be forewarned that I'm going to be a wreck.

27 March 2014

Young At Face

A stranger asked me yesterday if I had started thinking about applying to college yet.

adventure lovers

I get it bro, I should go back to school.

26 March 2014

Now If I Could Just Find Time To Do My Laundry

Yesterday was one of those days that turned out differently than planned, but was all the more wonderful for it.  Except for the snow.  That can stop aaaannnyyytime now.


25 March 2014


I blog about what I want to.
I have actual dreams about their fries. And on that note, it is far past my bedtime. #sweetdreams #saltydreams #latergram
The Blazin' Barn, amIright?

24 March 2014

A Perfect Weekend

This weekend was really just perfect.

Saturday morning was Books'n'Brunch!  We read Behind the Beautiful Forevers- a narrative nonfiction about a slum of Mumbai.  I often found myself reminding myself that the book wasn't a work of fiction.  We had some great discussion and some incredible duck fat fries.

I also went to the NGA on Saturday, and guys, I just had the loveliest time there.  The Garry Winogrand photographs were simply exquisite.  I then spent some time in a few frequently neglected galleries of Italian medals and the most beautiful sculpture gallery that emotionally transported me to the Fitz. (Can you tell that I've been thinking about Cambridge a lot lately?  Also, ask me to tell you the story about the Fitz, a date, and a midterm.)  It was just a lovely trip.  I even somehow found the willpower to resist getting a salty-oat cookie at Teaism on my way to the red line.  Say whaaaat?

And I curled my hair.  Which I'm telling you about so there can be some kind of photo in this post.


There was also a missionary farewell  party for G-A-B-B-Y and an amazing ward conference and a visit from the home teachers.  And also the time I cried from laughing so hard to my mom on the phone on Friday as I told her that I'm an IT genius because I know how to solve "Mute" problems.

21 March 2014


Annabelle told me how she had been thinking that there were a lot of changes going on in my life right now (or the near future), and I had to agree (this one time) that she was right.  I'll be the first to admit that I didn't used to handle change very well (public apology to my parents for covering my face with a pillow and angrily sobbing any time we moved growing up).  Over the years, I've learned to embrace change.  I'm so grateful that I feel invigorated and full of faith instead of knocked off my feet. 


20 March 2014

How To Know You're PMS-ing

I've been having a lot of dreams about french fries lately.  One night, it was Chick-fil-a waffle fries (guess where I ate the night after I dreamed that).  Another night, I was wandering the alleyways of Cambridge with Sherlock, hunting down some chips to eat (why didn't we just go to the Trailer of Life?).

Guys, all of those links are good, so I recommend you click 'em all.

18 March 2014

Twitter BFFs

I got to hang with my Twitter BFF at stake conference on Saturday.  So I'm going to ignore the fact that there is snow on the ground in March and my roommate is sending me pictures from the beach and think about how cool I am instead.

DC2 misses you, Brother and Sister Wallace!

17 March 2014

Metro Mural

I've been taking it easy (read: being incredibly, painfully boring) the last week because I've been getting over being sick.  But I did find this cool mural so yeah, I'm having lots of adventures.

Metro murals

Also, groups texts and emails with my family are the best.  The end.

Actual Conversations I Had This Weekend

Because obviously nothing normal ever happens in my life.


At stake conference on Sunday, I'm sitting next to a lady I don't know.  Let's call her LIDK.
LIDK: "You are going on mission?"
Camille: "No, I'm not going on a mission."
LIDK: "You are working on your papers?"
Camille: "...No...because I'm not...going on a mission."
LIDK: "That's okay, you still have many years until you old enough to put in papers."
Camille: "I'm 25...so, actually many years past 19.  I'm just not going on a mission."
LIDK: "Oh, so you are blind?"
Camille: "..........No? I'm sorry, what.... I'm not going on a mission.  My brothers did though."
LIDK: "Oh. So you have not gone on a mission."
Camille: "...............Correct......."

Sunday night, Andrea and I both wanted brownies, and being the domestic goddesses that we are, we made our own from scratch.
Camille: "Chocolate chips would be so good in here.  Do you have any?"
Andrea: "No, I don't."
Camille: "Neither do I."
--40 Seconds Pass--

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen! Get home safely!

13 March 2014

70 Yesterday, 30 Today

Guys, I know that this is the most blasphemous thing a New England born girl could say, but if it came down to it, I just might trade my blazers* to live somewhere where it was just always warm and sunshiny. 

Commence the shunning.

*except for the one I'm wearing today, because let's be honest, it rocks.

12 March 2014

10 March 2014

Weekend Update

I may be sick today (watched Season 3 of The Office!), but I had the best weekend.

Kayla was here, and we went to the temple, Cafe Rio, and Ritas.  She also brought me chocolate covered cinnamon bears!!!!  #BestFriendEver #Camayla

Next stop: Cafe Rio #Camayla

I had Hawaiian pancakes this weekend, too, and yes, they are as good as they sound!  Passion fruit pancakes!  Banana pancakes!  Coconut syrup!  Bacon!  The greatest company in the history of ever!  And I also tried Spam for the first time and didn't gag!

Hawaiian pancakes
Hawaiian pancakes

A most delightful weekend, indeed.  

06 March 2014


I had some time after work yesterday before the Wizards-Jazz game started, so I hung out at one of my favorite haunts, the American Art Museum.  (Does that opening line make me sound well-rounded enough?   Artsy, yet athletic?)  This time I went to the Modern/Contemporary galleries, where I was creeped out by a sculpture, creeped on by a Toothless Timmy, and followed by my own personal security guard.  Oh, and there were teenagers making out.


05 March 2014

Not A Bad Thing

A new bathing suit come in the mail last week, and I have been so close to just wearing it in the shower, that's how badly I want to be at the beach.

north sea
Camnif sunrise

As an aside (but is he ever an aside?) JT can do no wrong. #WashingtonWave

04 March 2014

Almost As Good As The Time My Mother Doused Herself In Gasoline


My parents came down to visit me on Sunday morning.  When I opened the door, I found my mother standing there holding a reusable grocery bag.  Actually, I should say that I found my mother slightly hunched over under the weight of a reusable grocery bag.  I peeked in...and found Ziploc bag after Ziploc bag full of chocolate chips.  Chocolate chips!!  I later weighed them- there were 13 pounds of chocolate chips.  To say that this is the highlight of the year is an understatement.  I have grand visions of my friends battling over me, desperate to prove that they love me the most- all in the hopes of securing a few sweet chocolate morsels.  In this vision there is also a chocolate shortage.  
Have I mentioned that I'm a middle child?


03 March 2014

Paigey And Jacob Are Engaged!

Paige and Jacob got engaged this weekend!  It's all very exciting.  Jacob's a great guy and we're excited for him to join our family.

Paigey gets engaged

On a related note, the next person who hears that she's engaged and then looks at me with puppy eyes and says, "Hey, how ya doing?" I will punch them in the face.  My self-woth is entirely wrapped up in my relationship status, so my little sister getting married before I do is really hurtin.  In case this wasn't clear over the internet- my self-worth is not entirely wrapped up in my relationship status, so my little sister getting married before I do doesn't phase me.  I love you Paigey and Jacob!

/Parker and Carolyn/
/Sam and Kristie/