30 April 2014

In Love With Today

I'm in love with this rain.
I love this song (shhh).
I love time to myself.
I love The Mindy Project.


29 April 2014

Bring Those May Flowers

The April showers* have been in full swing this week.  
Being the dutiful daughter that I am, I called my parents yesterday to describe how beautifully green everything is.  And to remind them that they are now in a desert, a place where you can actually count the trees.  


*...and Mayflowers bring Pilgrims #NewEnglanderJokes

28 April 2014

You Can't Prove This Isn't Me


Okay, fine, whatever, it's not me, but Kayla is the other half of Camayla, so it's like it's me.  Happy Birthday on Friday, sweetums!

25 April 2014

My Hometown

The house is empty, the boxes are loaded in the truck, and my parents are officially moving across the country.  My family exchanged our favorite memories over an email chain, and I was deeply tempted to post it here and bore everyone except us.  Instead, here are a few that come to mind.

I miss the woods, the tunnels, the river. 
I miss my bedroom with the best bed and the glow-in-the-dark stars, and climbing out onto the roof. 
I miss Rita's 5 days a week.
I miss the fireplaces and the fire pit and the pool. 
I miss sledding into the neighbor's lawn, walking to the JWalks, the bats flying overhead. 
I miss the brothels and ghost stories (that's for you, Parker).
I miss our crazy ward.
I miss the beautiful views outside and waking up as the sun streams across my face.

family at moffat manor
family at moffat manor
family at moffat manor

24 April 2014

Easter 2014

The Easter Bunny was real lazy this year.

easter basket

Could've had a plastic-pink-and-green-grass day with hiding my basket, what with all the boxes.  
But I've never been one to get too mad about candy being as accessible as possible.


*apparently, I chose not to observe Easter in 2011

23 April 2014

Ridley Creek State Park Is My Favorite Park

I like to brag that I grew up around the corner from a state park.  None of this regular park mumbo jumbo*, only grand state-run parks for Camille. /one/two/

park house

*jk, Rose Tree Park, you're great, too.

22 April 2014

Updates On The Philly Temple

Walls are up!!

moffats at phily temple
yandary and me at temple

It used to look like this, sooo yeah!

21 April 2014

Happy Birthday, Mama!

Mama K's birthday is today!  Yesterday, we had a key lime pie to celebrate (thanks, Yandary!) and sang and danced and it was grand!

mama's bday
mama's bday
mama's bday
birthday pie


Polar Bear Swim

I'm not ready to write about the overall finality of this past Easter weekend.

I did make a point of going for one last swim in the pool.  My mom saw me in my bathing suit marching out back, grabbed a towel, and followed me saying, "I better be there in case your lungs collapse."

Not sure if it's embedding in the post...if not, click the link.

18 April 2014

Random Thoughts

I love cookies.  Like, love them.

Is it strange that I'm eating my leftover Cava for breakfast?

I got a new facewash (it has charcoal in it, and that's some kind of a thing) and it smells like men's cologne.  Like very good men's cologne.

I was at Barnes and Noble last night.  I took a stack of 12 books up to a table to peruse, but when I got there I knocked everything over (including the prior tenant's Starbucks).  I reassured myself that if this were a movie, my clumsiness would be very charming.

I really love cookies.

Daaaaang Ingrid Michaelson, yo' new album is all woah.

Earlier this week I was sleeping with my fan on.  Now I'm back to my electric blanket.

I got caught in 4 downpours on Tuesday.  It's a good thing "Wet Cat Chic" looks amazing on me.


16 April 2014

Cheerful Weather For The Wedding

Has anybody else seen this movie?  I just watched it last night.  The last few minutes are still lingering, and I'm trying to figure things out.

"We somehow bear what seems unbearable."
-POTUS at the Fort Hood Memorial Service.

Cherry blossoms 2014

And right now that is the lack of sleep I've been getting.  Eternal blessings upon caffeine.

15 April 2014

Live Confidently and Follow Your Dreams

Kayla was here this weekend (!!!!!!)
She's the best because she will selflessly listen to me ramble selfishly, and then offer the best advice and tell me that I'm a wonderful person.

Medium rare

14 April 2014

Rooftop BBQs and Art Creeps

My friends and I had a rooftop BBQ yesterday.  It was enjoyable and delicious and warm and all things good.  I ate all the strawberries because they're my favorite food.  I left after just two hours because I could tell that I was in a "If I'm super loud then people have to notice me, also let me talk all about how cool I am, all of these things will make people love me and definitely not annoyed with me" mood, and that I should cut my losses and head home.

Chinatown picnic BBQ

I walked to the GPC metro, but before I knew  it, my feet had taken me to the National Gallery.  It was about quarter of 9 by this point, and I climbed the steps and laid down to admire the sky and recharge.  The weather was perfect, and the moment was peaceful.

Then, because the NGA is my favorite place in DC but also definitely the creepiest, I sat up and noticed that on the green across the steps, there was some guy lingering next to his bike.  Not just lingering, but staring.  Not just staring, but taking pictures of me.  I saw that he was holding a camera waist/bike seat high, and that the flash/indicator light would go off repeatedly at irregular intervals.  At around 9:35, I stood up to leave.  I walked down the steps, and he slowly started crossing the street towards me.  He came within about two feet of me, and then he turned to go the direction I had arrived from.  I crossed the road and walked to a different metro, wishing that my phone weren't dead.

Guys, why do these things happen to me?  I will be the first to admit that I'm just a typical, average-looking girl, so I don't think this had anything to do with my looks.  Does anybody else have similar experiences??

Chinatown picnic BBQ

11 April 2014

Last Night's Georgetown Adventures

I always have the most random things happen in Georgetown.  For example, here are some things that happened last night while I was out with Michelle:

-Salad dressing shots at Sweetgreen, followed up with complimentary lemonade (and, no, for the 9th time, I don't drink green tea.)

-Limitless tiny cupcakes at J.Crew.

-Walking out of Godiva and a woman talking on her iPhone throws her business card at me and shouts, "You need to call me! Girl, you need to call me!!! I know something IMPORTANT ABOUT YOUR LOVE LIFE!!"

-Going to a narrow hat store (the store was narrow, not the hats) and finding a bumpin' party- with a DJ and everything!  A hat store dance party!

Hat party

10 April 2014

Apparently, Cherry Blossom Grilled Cheese Is A Thing

Which is the surest sign that it's cherry blossom season!

Leslie-with-the-Killer-Style-and-the-Best-Hair and I went to see the blossoms yesterday, and it was perfectttt.  We dreamed up the best cherry blossom photoshoot- one that could be considered over the top if I believed that such a thing existed.  Now, gimme some funnel cake.

Cherry blossoms 2014
Cherry blossoms 2014
Cherry blossoms 2014
Cherry blossoms 2014
Cherry blossoms 2014

08 April 2014


A small group of people went to Philly on Saturday.  I didn't organize it, but I did crash it.  Of course my alarm didn't go off (and it was hair washin' day, so that's a big deal).  Eve woke me up 22 minutes before go time (thanks, Eve!), and I managed to wash my hair, put on makeup, get dressed, and eat breakfast.  Basically, be really impressed with me.  Also, let's cut me some slack for my hair and outfit, mmmk?

We saw the Liberty Bell (not to be confused with my dog Belle).  The lighting was all wrong to get good photos by the Bell, so here are some pictures of the group/me annoying Kayvon (running theme of the day).

I grabbed a pretzel from a street vendor (right after he grabbed money from me, so it's all good and fair, don't worry).

We sat in Independence Square for the few minutes before we could go into ye old famous Independence Hall.  I've been a lot, so mostly I got more pictures of me being obnoxious.

Pat's for lunch, of course.  Pepper Steak Wit, please.

For once, I was able to get friends to go with me to the art museum!!  We're spoiled in D.C. with so many free museums, so no one wants to pay when we're in Philly.  Also, ask me why it was especially perfect that it says KOREA.

Museums make me happyyyyy.  As do adventures and sunshiiiiine.

07 April 2014


I watched General Conference this weekend and all I did was Snapchat with Alex.

Just kidding.

I also retweeted all them good quotes.

And ate brunch with my crew. (Homemade cinnamon rolls and brown sugar bacon- yum!.  Also, a plate of fruit without cantaloupe and honeydew.  They just always disappoint me.)


(But really, Conference was great!  Be kind and stuff.)