29 June 2014

Sunday Thoughts

Still writing about Greekey, and am currently taking a break from work to write this as I eat my rice.

I love my calling.  When I got set apart a few weeks ago, I was washed over with a tidal wave of love for the sisters in my Relief Society.  My ability to love has been vamped up about 1000%.  I've felt so close to the Spirit, too.  I wish I could devote all of my time to serving.  Sundays are my favorite day.

The life I envision for myself is one where I am a stay-at-home mother (I'm pretty passionate about that for myself) and can spend my days serving my family and in the Church and making others feel good about themselves.  So that makes the whole YSA thing kind of tough*, but I'm blessed to be able to have this calling and to serve with Michelle, Kahli, and Liz.


26 June 2014


It's weird to write about this Greekey trip.  To sit down and put everything into words.  I checked so many things off of my bucket list- it's dizzying to think about.  My neighbor took me to the grocery store when I got back and asked me what the highlights of my trip were...and honestly, the conversations I had with my friends were the highlight.  Vulnerable, intimate, and authentic conversation in the caves of Capadocia.  Insightful answers in the family bed in Istanbul.  Opening up  in Samos, or girl talk in the Aegean.  Yes, the adventures were crazy and memorable and mostly insane, but I grew so much as an individual in ways that I absolutely could not have in any other setting.  I learned about not hiding from admitting what's driving you crazy.  I learned about not shying away from showing that you care.  I learned more deeply about authenticity and vulnerability.  I learned about disappointment and admitting that you're wrong.  I learned that I'm not invisible, and that I'm worth it.  I deepened my relationship with God.

So, over the next several days I'll be positing about the trip.  I'm working on a way to get photos from the group, because frankly, theirs are better than mine, so it might be a few days until the posts get up and rolling.  But I also learned about patience on this trip.  That perpetual, eternal lesson.  

What's Important To Me

Love // Service // Family // Gospel

Travel // Art // Adventure

Everything else

Pretty much all I care about in life.

25 June 2014


I'm back and I'm exhausted, but most importantly, I'm happy :)

Greekey posts are forthcoming.

16 June 2014

Reality Check

I know I'm off doing cool things right now, so lest you get cyber-jealous of me, here's a picture of me being graceful:


This is where I would use my favorite emoji of the laugh-crying face. 

(obviously this is a scheduled post)

11 June 2014


BRB gonna go to Europe real fast.

(the only devastating/soul-tourmenting thing about this is that it's not England)

10 June 2014


If there's one thing you need to know about my family, it's that we love croquet and badminton.  Love them.  During the winter we always played Detective Statue for family night, but during the summer we always played croquet.  Birthdays or garden parties always included badminton.  The best part was that we'd generally start by playing by the standardized rules, but as the game went on, we evolved into playing by Calvinball rules.


So yeah, FHE last night was the best.

09 June 2014


Feeling a lot of love for those whom I get to serve.
1 counselor

06 June 2014

Art Party!

Ashley teaches art at an elementary school and at a local art studio, VisArts.  So to celebrate her birthday, she hosted an art party at her work! (VisArts, not the elementary school, ya weirdo).

It was super fun and amazing and also I like to think that the whole party was my idea because I emailed Ashley a month ago (right before my birthday) about the idea of doing the same thing (except with ceramics) for my party but then ended up not doing it and had lots of pretty flowers instead, can you follow this run-on sentence and train of thought?  Typical me, taking credit when it's a day to celebrate someone else. Waa waa.

Regardless of whose idea it was, THE PARTY WAS AMAZING!!!!! There's always a lot of pressure on me in artsy situations to be the best because I studied art history (see url of this blog).  When it comes to arranging flowers or outfits or hanging a gallery wall, yeah, all y'all are right, but when it comes to painting I just go by old standby of, "Just because I can tell you if a painting is any good doesn't mean that I'm a painter myself."  Turns out I am actually a painter (except for my inconsistent light source and less than satisfactory sky), so bring on the big bucks!

Art party

PS- those pants used to be white...

05 June 2014

June Self-Portrait

Self portrait

I whip my hair...

04 June 2014

Meridian Hill Park

My kind of FHE is hanging out by the fountains at a beautiful park while everyone else plays frisbee.

Meridian hill park ballet

03 June 2014

More Duck Beach Pictures

Okay, Beth, maybe I lied.  Things did get a little fresh...
DB2014 from april flory

I had forgotten all about that picture until April sent them to the group.  Wahoo!

And some group pictures that only the people in them care about.  So yeah, I love these pictures.

DB2014 from april flory
DB2014 from april flory
DB2014 from april flory

02 June 2014

Rooftop Poolside

First and foremost, let me say that I have been incredibly busy lately with my new job.   Like, so, so busy.
I only bring this up so that people who have been trying to contact me know that I don't hate them!  I'm not ignoring you!

Also, this post is going to maybe completely counteract the "I am so busy" thing I just said, but a girl's gotta get a tan, right?

Rooftop pool
Rooftop pool
Rooftop pool