25 September 2014

Dieter Fever

I saw Dieter Uchtdorf walking in my neighborhood toniiiiight!  He was wearing sunglasses and was super cool.  I was supposed to be driving the other direction, but when I saw him, I turned the other way to follow him.  But just for a block or two.



I've been really good at not crying about missing DC this past week and on focusing on the positive.  Last night, I saw a friend in SLC and immediately started crying when asked how I was doing.  Blahhhh.

I'm afraid that's why I haven't been blogging much.  I didn't want this space to turn into a mopey sad-fest reminiscent of my 8th grade journal.  But I am working on focusing on the positive as much as possible!

Here are a few updates in like zero order other than how they uploaded to Flickr:

I've been doing a lot of yoga.

Signed Christmas cards for soldiers...and then one came home and surprised his wife!!!  It was very patriotic, as you can see by the fire hydrant.

My feet looked dope.

Stuff I've been doing
Stuff I've been doing

My first Saturday here, I went to the UMFA.
Stuff I've been doing

Cleaned through some old boxes.
Stuff I've been doing
Stuff I've been doing

Yandary gave me the hometown tour!
Stuff I've been doing
Stuff I've been doing

I've also seen Annabelle, gotten hot chocolate and browsed downtown Bountiful with my mom, golfed, and so much more!

18 September 2014

Fun Times

I went to this ward thing last night, and had a brief conversation with a guy whose name I forget so we'll just call him Mr. Manga.

Mr. Manga: "What does fun look like to you?"
Camille: "Excuse me?"
Mr. M: "What does fun look like to you?"
C: "Look like?"
Mr. M: "Yeah, I like to ask people that."
C: (finally getting what he means by his question) "Oh, museums.  Travelling.  Adventures."
Mr. M: "Museums?  That's the first time I've heard that answer."

As much as his response causes me inner turmoil, on the plus side, someone talked to me!

16 September 2014

I Am Currently In A Serious Relationship With Doughnuts

I could write about how much I miss home, or how everyone at church on Sunday looked like Captain Jack Sparrow (but not in that elusive hot way).

Or I could write that I'm allergic to literally everything here, or about how math is hard and wtf why numbers whyyyyy??

But instead I'm going to exclaim with glee that yesterday, I noticed a Dunkin Donuts from my window at the library!!!  This one time, a fella ding-dong-ditched a bag of Dunkin Donuts at my house and it was easily the most romantic thing anyone has ever done for me.

Also, this weekend I discovered a show called Donut Showdown.  This is a game changer!!

I am not kidding, I love doughnuts.

Media with Sarah

15 September 2014

The Highly Anticipated Road Trip Pictures...

Okay, so pretty sure it's just Eve who wants to see them.  Mama K and I listened to Harry Potter and drove in some crazy rain, but other than that it was pretty uneventful.
Palindrome House
Coke Star
Road trip
Road trip
Road trip

Road trip


14 September 2014

It Takes A Lot Of Help To Look This Good

And constantly asking my friends, "Is my hair doing that weird part thing?  How's my necklace?"

Ashley NMichelle L

Also showing off how flawless Michelle and Ashley look on the job.
And a note to myself to not hunch my shoulders!!!!!!

13 September 2014

New Car!!!

I HAVE A NEW CAR!!! I had given up all hope, and then it came in literally a week before I left. 

World, meet Lenos!

New car!!!
New car!!!

Wouldn't be living that CamCam life if I didn't buy a car and then immediately put 2.5k miles on it. 

12 September 2014

Look How Good-Looking My Friends Are

It's a good thing I'm exhausted from traveling and unpacking as I write this, otherwise this would be another super sentimental post.

Basically, I miss and love everyone.  Thanks for being the perfect party hostess, Michelle.  And thanks to the whole ward for dealing with my sobbing (yep! I kept it together super well!) on Sunday.

So many pictures, and I am not in the least bit sorry (that's old school for sorrynotsorry).
Also, Anne Sophes, if you see this, thanks for letting me wear your skirt on Saturday and your top on Sunday ;)

Ward temple night
LZRS2 Presidency
Maddy Gleave
Jordan Langdon
Chinatown and Sarah Waggoner
Yandary & Sarah
Yandary Z
Alexis L
Dara K
LZRS2 Presidency
^shoes are fiercely on point here
Maddy & Jordan
Maddy & Jordan
Ashley N
Carols and Sar
Brad H
Michelle L
Magidson sisters
Spencer k
Yandary & Maggie

Full Circle Selfies

First time...

Last time (for now)...

Cute old NGA guy
I love going to museums and taking art history snaps, but I love watching other people interact with art even more. Today I sat down next to an older gentleman contemplating this portrait in the corner, and it was beautiful. (Théodore Duret, Édouard Vuill