21 January 2015

Side Note

This is the worst time in my entire life to have writer's block.  It is literally my only responsibility to be writing essays right now.  And I can't write anything a quarter-way decent (what I wouldn't give to be able to write something half-way decent).  I can't seem to be able to translate the ideas in my head to paper.  I can talk about them, which is reassuring, but I can not, for the life of me, write about them.  So yeah, that's frustrating.

Any tips on overcoming major writer's block?


ynny said...

What are you writing? If it's grad school/research stuff, I always just picked someone's published work and fought with it. I'd trace their arguments and find their weak spots. I'd talk about how ill-suited their writing style or philosophical bent was to the subject matter. Then I'd go figure out what they used for first-hand research and find reasons why I thought their interpretation was incorrect or at least questionable. And THEN, after I had shot barbs from every direction, I would introduce my own alternate ideas, which I had formed only after doing all that fighting. It always works, and professor LOOOOOVE it :) go fight!

Jen said...

To be honest--I blog! I think about something that happened that week that I thought was interesting or important. Or not. Just something I remembered happening. Try to remember every detail of what happened--sounds smells, tastes, etc.

Another tip, that is similar that REALLY helps me--I think about one of my favorite places. Usually, I think about Hyde Park or walking down the Mall from Buckingham Palace to Trafalgar Square. Write down anything and everything you remember about the place--think of all 5 senses and then what you think about and feel while you're there.

Try to keep it to 1000 words or less--once you're done, or halfway through, maybe you'll feel like writing something else. :) It might feel like a waste of time, but sometimes those pieces end up being some of my favorite things that I've written, and then I feel inspired. :D


Beth said...

I'm sure you're doing great! But one thing that helped me was when I met with a professor and complained about writer's block and he had me explain to him in clear, plain sentences what I wanted to say. It magically came out exactly the way I had been trying to say it on paper for weeks! So now I say it. Out loud. (Now I'm just quoting Twilight.)