05 February 2015

Photo Caption

I posted this picture on Instagram this week, asking people to give their best caption.  The results were phenomenal!

Bountiful and SLC Disposable Camera

Captions included:
"Apparently the whole world has US in its hands."
"I bet that statue cost an arm and a leg."
"Booty so fine, even the ground wants a feel."
"Brought to you by Allstate."
"I present you with the invisible sword of your forefather."
"I don't know what to do with my hands..."
"Camille is hands down the coolest person in the world."
"What a handsome statue."
"I guess the artist thought this would come in handy some day."
"Free hand outs!"
"Here lies Hands So-low."
"Here lies Hands Solo."
"I got to hand it to you, that sculpture really grabs my attention."
"They really don't know how to do the hokey pokey."

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