16 March 2015

Ogden Temple Open House

The day before Paigey's wedding, we (family and friends) went to the open house of the Ogden Temple.  It was a really special trip, in large part because some of our friends are not LDS, and it was enlightening to see it through their eyes.

That being said- it was a special day, lots of fun, cherished memories- I can not get over these pictures:

Ogden Temple open house
^^ I mean, my mom's face is PRICE.LESS.

Ogden Temple open house
^^ Jacob, all alone.


Paige Mikesell said...

And the fact that I failed to call him before and tell him that they did in fact have sunday clothes because he was going to wear street clothes to make them feel comfortable...I didn't communicate the memo to do sunday's best....fail....oh well.

Kristy Moffat said...

My face is pretty much priceless all the time. Thanks for noticing!