19 February 2015

Because I Didn't Go To Middle School

Okay, that's a lie.  I went to Middle School.  Two, actually.  What's up, Columbia Middle School?  I hear you, Springton Lake Middle School!

BUT I need help with some formatting glitches on my resume for graaad schooool applications.  If you help me, I will pay you real money.

15 February 2015


Pride & Prejudice never ceases to be perfect.


Obviously Kate isn't in the movie, but I feel that this image captures the essence of the story.

14 February 2015

Longing For The Sea

My soul is full of longing 
For the secret of the sea
And the heart of the great ocean 
Sends a thrilling pulse through me.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I need to get to the ocean, to the sea, to the water.


09 February 2015

Study Selfies

This is what third drafts look like...
Study Selfies

Study Selfies

05 February 2015

Photo Caption

I posted this picture on Instagram this week, asking people to give their best caption.  The results were phenomenal!

Bountiful and SLC Disposable Camera

Captions included:
"Apparently the whole world has US in its hands."
"I bet that statue cost an arm and a leg."
"Booty so fine, even the ground wants a feel."
"Brought to you by Allstate."
"I present you with the invisible sword of your forefather."
"I don't know what to do with my hands..."
"Camille is hands down the coolest person in the world."
"What a handsome statue."
"I guess the artist thought this would come in handy some day."
"Free hand outs!"
"Here lies Hands So-low."
"Here lies Hands Solo."
"I got to hand it to you, that sculpture really grabs my attention."
"They really don't know how to do the hokey pokey."

04 February 2015

Camille Takes A Spill

I would like to emphasize that the title of the post only rhymes if you pronounce my name the stupid way that Utah people do.  Le sigh.

Anyway, I was very graceful on Sunday...I'm only really posting this so I can eventually scroll through my blog and see this picture and laugh because it's sure to be funny when the pain goes away (okay, it's funny already). 


Only click here if you want to see what my leg looked like after one day... it's mildly gross, so be warned.

*It has come to my attention that I neglected to write how this happened (thanks, Jen!).  Let's just say that the cement stairs at church were really envious of my leg...

03 February 2015


One of the things that I like about Utah (did anybody else note the plural I used there?  The other thing is chocolate covered cinnamon bears) is that I've been able to see Yandary a lot!  Let's not get into the debate about how I'd see her even more if I was still back home in DC, and relish the fact that there are plural positives.  She was here for a quick weekend, and was nice enough to invite me along to see a Sundance movie with her family!

We saw I'll See You In My Dreams, which was really wonderful, except don't see it if puppies make you cryyyy.  But really, it was well done, and I love the name Blythe.

Sundance with Yàndary

The theatre (The Egyptian in Ogden) was SO BEAUTIFUL and there was even an organist playing music beforehand!!! He was incredibly talented.  How do I get an organist to open for me everywhere I go?  I'm not a performer, so I actually mean opening for my conversations.

Sundance with Yàndary
Sundance with Yàndary
Sundance with Yàndary

One of these things is not like the other ;)
Sundance with Yàndary

02 February 2015

Grand Tea

Stephanie and I went to High Tea at the Grand America recently.  It felt so nice to be there...a place where no one was wearing jeans or overalls, there was harp music instead of country music, and people understood the importance of manners and civility.  Essentially, it felt like home.

Grand America Tea Stephanie
Grand America Tea Stephanie
Grand America Tea Stephanie
^This lovely jasmine tea made me feel like Marie Antoinette.
Grand America Tea Stephanie